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Key - Rakki - 11-30-2017

We're still around folks! Been a while, and we all hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving for those of you who celebrate it!
Otherwise, hope you've been well in general~

These pictures were taken right as we'd just come in from outside, I've been able to take him to the park, and even Lowes.
Key and I have finally moved, he absolutely loves the roommates and such, does pretty well everywhere but in the yard. 

[Image: 20171126_084554_by_digimutt-dbvcn2c.jpg]
[Image: 20171126_0845543_by_digimutt-dbvcn1z.jpg]

[Image: 20171115_002856.jpg]
[Image: 20170909_133241.jpg?width=764&height=573]

RE: Key - Ember - 11-30-2017

Oh he is looking so good!

RE: Key - only-borders - 12-01-2017

Action-smiley-030 Good to see you again. Key looks amazing.

RE: Key - Rakki - 12-01-2017

(12-01-2017, 05:41 AM)only-borders Wrote: Action-smiley-030 Good to see you again. Key looks amazing.

Hey! Good to be back! 
He's settling in way better than I expected, such a happy pooch Action-smiley-030

Hope you all have been well

RE: Key - Rakki - 12-01-2017

(11-30-2017, 10:53 PM)Ember Wrote: Oh he is looking so good!

Isn't he? He's grown up so fast I can't believe it

Hope you and Ember have been well!

RE: Key - Tasha's&Mattie'sMom - 12-02-2017

He is quite handsome!

And I love the red hoodie.

RE: Key - Rakki - 12-09-2017

Oh, thank you! I got the hoodie off of Amazon, he tolerates it for the most part, the hood really doesn't make it up to his head, but it does the job well.