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New member - davederby - 11-11-2017

Not new to border collies 
Were on our 3rd now 
New puppy is 10 weeks old and a bundle of joy after losing our 11 year old to the big c 2 weeks ago

RE: New member - Ember - 11-11-2017

Aww. Welcome! We must have pics of the bundle of joy!!!

RE: New member - Trifan - 11-11-2017

Welcome-group Oh yes, we need puppy pics !

RE: New member - Gideon's mom - 11-11-2017

Hi and welcome! Sorry for your loss, but glad you have a lively one to help pass the time.

RE: New member - only-borders - 11-11-2017

So sorry for your loss. 

Welcome to ABC.  Action-smiley-030 We do need puppy pics.

RE: New member - MayaRiver - 11-11-2017


RE: New member - Oenoke - 11-12-2017

Hi and welcome

RE: New member - Sunny - 11-12-2017


If you ever cross the big pond, come play in my big yard with me!