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They Grow so Fast! - Bronwen - 09-30-2017

Mabli is 11 weeks old today and its a week after he 2nd set of jabs so vet said it was ok to take her out.  The weather was exceedingly wet today so decided to take her to Bron's favourite woodlands (our thinking was it'd be quiet in terms of people and other dogs given the inclement conditions).  We wanted it quiet as thought people & dogs as well as a new environment would be a little overwhelming.  She's growing so fast - over 2kg in less than 3 weeks!

Woodland was good (minor issue with Bron trying to be boss and knocking Mabli over and being rough with her at times)

[Image: 23562441998_9d563c2198.jpg]

[Image: 37367607246_5c7cda22c0.jpg]

[Image: 37157742340_903332578b.jpg]

[Image: 37157113130_5a58a127c9.jpg]

And all tired out!
[Image: 36705708764_74d27289bd.jpg]

RE: They Grow so Fast! - Loyal Border - 09-30-2017

What a sweetie! She is growing up fast.

RE: They Grow so Fast! - Tasha's&Mattie'sMom - 09-30-2017

She is so cute! What a lovely place for a walk.

RE: They Grow so Fast! - Trifan - 09-30-2017

She is a sweetie and getting so tall. Must have been lovely to finally get her out and watch her explore.

RE: They Grow so Fast! - only-borders - 10-01-2017

That looks like the perfect place for puppy exploring.

RE: They Grow so Fast! - Ember - 10-03-2017

Wow! Look at her! Getting so big indeed! And Bron is just a "punk" as my behaviorist would call her LOL. Silly girl has to learn to share her favorite spots too - not just toys! Wink

RE: They Grow so Fast! - Bronwen - 10-03-2017

Looking back at pics of Bron at the same age Mabli is a lot bigger!