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Horde of Border Collies - Loyal Border - 09-27-2017

My sister showed me this. I must say, that's a lot of border collies! Yikes Apparently they were trying to break some unofficial record of most BCs gathering in one place. Maybe we could try this. We would only need about 600 more BCs to break the record if we all gathered together. Tongue

RE: Horde of Border Collies - Tasha's&Mattie'sMom - 09-27-2017

I have two collies and you have one collie.  Only 597 to go!  Big Grin

RE: Horde of Border Collies - Trifan - 09-28-2017

Haha, this took place in Victoria Australia, it has been all over the news as well as the internet. BC's are seriously popular dogs in the southern states in particular. Many pups from my breeder of choice are sent down there and Jaspers brother Arrow was amongst this lot "somewhere"

RE: Horde of Border Collies - Loyal Border - 09-28-2017

Really? That's pretty cool. It's a little strange to see so many BCs gathered in one place though. Imagine being some passer-by totally unaware of the event and suddenly stumble across hundreds of BCs.

RE: Horde of Border Collies - Ember - 09-28-2017

This was actually posed in the Facebook group I follow for Dog Behavior Observation Practice. There is so much to see, so much different behavior. Several of the BCs are literally running little circles! I keep watching it and keep seeing something new every time.

There was also the comment of "Lost my dog here..." "describe it, I'll help" "... CRAP!"

RE: Horde of Border Collies - Loyal Border - 09-28-2017

I saw a few of them running in circles. Certainly the energetic kind of crowd.

RE: Horde of Border Collies - Trifan - 09-28-2017

Yes there is a lot of behaviours to observe and I'm not sure they are all that good to be honest. A lot of stress that I don't think I would put my boys through. They were all tethered to the ground and without their owners, no wonder many were turning in circles. Had it been a well organised walk I might think differently about it and there sure were more than a few who looked like they could use more exercise.

There was a similar event a few years back within the GSD community. It had a constructive purpose in that it was to raise funds for the charity GSD's in Need which does an awesome job of rehabilitating and re-homing neglected and troubled GSD's. It was so well organised and took place in a massive parkland with kilometres of walking trails. You paid a fee and described your dogs social skills months in advance and were sent a colour coded collar according to your dogs ability to cope. All dogs walked with their owners and were given the space they needed. There were hundreds and hundreds of GSD's and all went off without a hitch. The primary difference was that the event was all about the dogs at every level.

So basically I am not a fan of what was done here and if you observed the mentality within most of the Australian BC groups this ill conceived stunt would not surprise you, hence I abandoned such groups and was delighted when I found the ABC Forum where we can share our enthusiasm for the breed amongst like minded people.

RE: Horde of Border Collies - Ember - 09-28-2017

Yea that's basically what I was seeing Trifan - it's amazing how many different ways and levels stress can come out in. I see many nervous dogs - not all, but many. You are right - there is a big difference when it's all about the human and when it's all about the dog.

I would have loved to have seen all of this in person though, especially the SGD one - dog lover's overload!

RE: Horde of Border Collies - Oenoke - 09-28-2017

I'm sure there's more than that at some of the agility shows I go to, especially the KC International Agility Festival.

RE: Horde of Border Collies - Sunny - 09-29-2017

Wow, a LOT of my cousins all in one place! At first I thought "I'd love to be there, so many to play with!" but then I noticed no one was playing with anyone else, and I thought "How can that be possible?!?! We are all SO energetic and fun-loving." And then Trifan pointed out that everyone was tethered to the ground and I thought "That's TERRIBLE! How could we have fun with each other that way?!?! If I were there I would work and work and work at yanking my tether out of the ground, or if that failed, gnaw though my tether (just today I destroyed a $10 leather and rope toy in about an hour) and then help my cousins do the same and THEN we would have fun playing, maybe even trying to herd each other, wow that would be great!"

<sigh> I feel sorry for all those 600 Border Collies. I just want to go give each one a big lick on the lips.