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Garbage Breath - Loyal Border - 09-11-2017

OK so garbage breath might be a bit of an understatement, more like poo breath. Poop_Emoji_42x42 Kep has recently been finding poo which I have no idea how he's getting it because I'm keeping a pretty good eye on him (must be when he stops to "sniff" the environment)... Around this time last year he was also getting at poo a lot. Shrug

Btw garbage breath is a little nickname he has acquired through his obsession over licking the garbage can lid. I asked him if he was garbage breath and he just seemed all happy and went with it.

OK I know now I'm getting a bit off topic but earlier today I was playing the piano and Kep just comes up and shoves his head under my arm which makes it difficult to play. So I stop playing to start petting him (I know, I know, NILIF...) and as I'm petting him he goes to lick my face and that's right when I smelled it, you know, the poo. So in a rather surprised voice I say "Ewww" (no yelling or anything, just pure surprise) and Kep immediately takes his head out from under my arm and proceeds to lie down under the bench I'm sitting on and just looks up at me with a rather guilty face. Maybe he was upset that I don't share his same tastes for breath freshener. Tongue Rather random I know but just though it made for a fun little story. Smile

Anyway, I was just wondering if there's a way to clean his mouth so it doesn't reek of poo all day long and won't have to be concerned with washing my hands after interacting with him (which is essentially all day long)

RE: Garbage Breath - Trifan - 09-12-2017

Oh Kep, how could such a sweet face eat poop. Sorry I can't help with any advice but I can absolutely empathise. Max has never done it but Jasper did it twice when quite young and fortunately never again even if poop is not collected straight away.

One of my Sheps did it really badly. Unfortunately it was the one with guarding issues and yep he valued that poop enough to guard it as much as anything else he valued. While still working on his guarding issues it was a real challenge to pick it up before he ate it.

RE: Garbage Breath - Loyal Border - 09-12-2017

It boggles my mind that he would even consider eating poo with that sweet little face of his. Not MY pup that's perfect in every way! Tongue

Did your shepherd eat his own poo? That guarding issue sounds like it makes it extra tough. Oh, the joys of poop...  Rolleyes

RE: Garbage Breath - Ember - 09-12-2017

If you have any of the high quality essential Peppermint oil, you can add a drop to his water bowl. Helps an upset tummy and freshens breath. But just a drop - it's super strong.

I don't mean any EO either, as they are not all equal. If the price for all of the different types are the same among the brand (IE the oils you can get at Walmart are all the same price), stay away. Pure oils should cost a wide range of prices due to processes and availability of the plant - if not, then synthetics are added to the oils to balance out the cost for the company. Not good to give a dog.

Young Living or DoTerra are both high quality brands. I don't know much about DoTerra but my oils are the Young Living brand and you can sign in as just a retail customer instead of paying for membership.

RE: Garbage Breath - Loyal Border - 09-12-2017

I may try the EO, thanks!

RE: Garbage Breath - only-borders - 09-12-2017

I had a poo eater and what worked for us was some peanut butter on bread. Some days it took 2 pieces of bread but anything is better than poo smelling breath.

RE: Garbage Breath - Loyal Border - 09-12-2017

I agree with that! Thanks for the advice! Now I have a few different things I can try if Kep decides to eat poo again. Big Grin

RE: Garbage Breath - Trifan - 09-12-2017

(09-12-2017, 06:16 AM)Loyal Border Wrote: It boggles my mind that he would even consider eating poo with that sweet little face of his. Not MY pup that's perfect in every way! Tongue

Did your shepherd eat his own poo? That guarding issue sounds like it makes it extra tough. Oh, the joys of poop...  Rolleyes

Yes it was his own poop and he usually wanted it immediately. It was very demanding to deal with. I pretty much had to have him under discreet observation all the time when outside never looking directly at him while he pooped and as soon as it dropped, run in another direction with excitement to get him away from it quickly and then put him inside while I went back for it. Fortunately it seemed to be a phase that through diligence I prevented becoming a habit and he grew out of it.

RE: Garbage Breath - Gideon's mom - 09-13-2017

Gideon was a poo eater for the first year and a half of his life. The high protein diet he has been on because of Micah's issues seems to have stopped the problem, except when we babysit a friend's dog and they feed cheap crap, then he goes right back to it. YUCK! You can mix that peppermint oil with some baking soda and brush his teeth with it, or you can feed him something that he actually has to chew on. For me, I will make a big deal about looking in Gideon's mouth and being disgusted, not angry, just grossed out. He's a Border Collie, he knows what he ate. Then I'll put him in his crate for a while. Then I'll give his a frozen turkey neck or something that he has to chew up to eat.