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Long hair and poo! - phoebeandjosie - 08-10-2017

Hi everyone! 

Has been a while since I have posted, hope you are all well! Josie is a year old now and a wonderful dog. But I need some advice! We've moved towns in the past week and over the past two days Josie has been having diaorhea in the mornings. Her diet has remained the same and she is otherwise her usual self. Because she has such a long coat she is getting poo all through her her fur on her back legs. I've washed it out yesterday but with more loose bowels this morning the poop in her fur is back! How do you manage this? We're going to worm her and take her to the vet if it continues

RE: Long hair and poo! - Gideon's mom - 08-10-2017

I add fiber to my dogs' diets when they have nervous diarrhea. I use pure pumpkin usually, but I have also used Metamucil.

RE: Long hair and poo! - only-borders - 08-11-2017

I usually try the same, pumpkin first then I use Pepto Bismol tablets. I start with 1/2 a tablet and give the other half 8 to 12 hours later if needed.