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Parents have a move out date!!!! - Ember - 08-09-2017

Contractor finally gave the 'rents a move-in date for their house. No more hang ups! If you've ever seen Money Pit (movie), that is basically what we have lived through - parents since April and me since June. Renovations are no joke and pretty much all the horror stories you hear about hiring people to do it for you is true and common (common enough for my parents to get it AAAAAALLLLLL).

So, they are moving in August 19th. We are counting down.

Now watch that date get moved again. I think we would all cry.

My poor parents haven't had "possessions" since I moved here. They moved completely out thinking they'd only be with me a month tops. And we are now in our third!

RE: Parents have a move out date!!!! - Quirkydog - 08-09-2017

Light at the end of the tunnel?

RE: Parents have a move out date!!!! - Loyal Border - 08-09-2017

Glad there's an end in sight. Hopefully this last week and a half won't be too bad for you.

RE: Parents have a move out date!!!! - Gideon's mom - 08-09-2017

Now I can tell you my friend's horror story. They have 4 girls and a 3 bedroom house with very little common space, so they decided to add a second story. When their house was originally built, they had the option of adding a second story, so the bones were already there, but not the actual rooms. The contractor told them it would take about 4 months and they would be in before last Christmas. They are finally expecting to be in in the next 2 weeks, almost a full year, to the day, from when they started.

RE: Parents have a move out date!!!! - Trifan - 08-09-2017

Yahoo 7up Eusa_dance Cheer BaconDance Greenstars Bouncing Party

RE: Parents have a move out date!!!! - only-borders - 08-10-2017

Oh Happy Days. Keeping my fingers crossed the date stays firm.

RE: Parents have a move out date!!!! - Ember - 08-10-2017

GM that sounds about right! It's scary what people can get away with in the realm of timelines. These people don't know the "multiply by pi" rule. And my parents have been "misquoted", upcharged, and fired/rehired all but 1 person from the original project. Jobs were getting half done and painters muscled their way in to "get done" while other construction was still going on - and the pain was peeling within 2 days. And they wanted more money to come back and "finish" which didn't include fixing their screw ups. There were a lot of lessons learned this year.

I'm not a drinker at all - I hate the taste of alcohol and haven't been able to even find a wine that I like that I can bear the bite of. Not even the candy-like crush drinks (usually with rum). But last night and the night before I actually made it through half a glass of raspberry wine and felt better for it. That's pretty bad LOL.

My parents have had many meltdowns. I've been able to keep relatively sane but the stress signs finally started surfacing this week. Tension headaches, lack of focus, sleeping way too much, and unnaturally grumpy (like, worse than the normal "womanly" grumpy). At least I recognize it and can deal with it LOL! It's just been so bad.

And to top it all off Mom got into a nasty case of poison ivy, and somehow it skipped me and Dad even though we were doing the same thing, and I didn't have gloves. Last week we had to bathe 2 cats and a dog because she loved on them and was spreading it back to herself. We got shredded that night (it was the 3 year old cat's first bath). So yea, it's been fun LOL

ETA: If you don't know the "multiply by pi" rule, it's kinda funny. You have to think of it mathematically, pulling a circle out into a timeline. It represents the amount of times you could possibly double back on yourself (or chase rabbits) while problem solving, so you multiply your original time estimate by it to get a "cushiony" estimate. It makes me giggle.

[Image: circle-and-wave.jpg]

RE: Parents have a move out date!!!! - Gideon's mom - 08-10-2017

We always refer to timelines like that as having "squishy math" but multiply by pi works for me.

On poison ivy, some people just plain don't react to it. I react to poison oak, but not poison ivy, and they are supposed to both have pretty much the same agent in them, go figure. I use a product called Ivy Dry to help combat the poison oak reaction.