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Hey Gideon's mom - only-borders - 08-07-2017

Do you have an update on how Lily is doing?

RE: Hey Gideon's mom - Ember - 08-07-2017

Yes yes yes yes!!!!

RE: Hey Gideon's mom - Gideon's mom - 08-08-2017

She is completely ours. Right now she is lying down at our feet taking a nap. We just got back from a walk.

While I was out of town, Joel was off for 2 weeks and he went back to work yesterday. Lily had a bit of a fit when he left, but settled down quickly when she realized I was still there. She just needed a little snuggle and some reassurance.

I do have to take the boys out to play without her sometimes. She takes over any game of fetch. She has a very mild case of resource guarding, but we have a good handle on it.

She is such a sweet girl.

RE: Hey Gideon's mom - Loyal Border - 08-09-2017

Glad she's doing well! Sounds like she fits right in now. Smile

RE: Hey Gideon's mom - Ember - 08-09-2017

That sounds great! I'm so glad she's fitting in! Are the boys loving her yet?

RE: Hey Gideon's mom - Gideon's mom - 08-09-2017

The boys adore her or are overwhelmed by her. She is faster than either of them and a ball hog, no, make that a toy hog, any toy.