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Hey guys :D - Cunnetta - 08-02-2017

Just dropping by to say hi with my dog Carter.

I don't have any pictures of him, but we love going to the beach. Which also makes me wonder how I don't take any pictures of him when we're at the beach. But yeah, I slap on a dog tracker when we go swimming and practice surfing.

And yes, I know I'm all over the place, sorry about that haha

RE: Hey guys :D - only-borders - 08-02-2017


RE: Hey guys :D - Greg - 08-02-2017

Action-smiley-030 Hello and  Welcome-sign12

RE: Hey guys :D - Loyal Border - 08-02-2017

Action-smiley-030 Welcome to ABC! Can't wait to hear about all your adventures with your boy!

RE: Hey guys :D - Ember - 08-02-2017

Hi and welcome! Definitely get those pictures, wanna see! You've taught him to surf?

RE: Hey guys :D - Trifan - 08-02-2017

Action-smiley-030 Hello and welcome   Action-smiley-030

RE: Hey guys :D - Gideon's mom - 08-03-2017

Hi and welcome! It sounds like you two have a blast together.

RE: Hey guys :D - Oenoke - 08-06-2017

Hi and welcome