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I discovered Portrait Mode... - Ember - 07-17-2017

... on my iPhone 7.

Now to discover how to make a camera shy mutt not so camera shy.

Pictures hosted on Facebook, let me know if you don't see any...

[Image: 20023905_10213958384700691_6287028771714...e=59C97FA0]

[Image: 20157397_10213958384620689_6864217289819...e=59FD44C2]

[Image: 20121225_10213958384500686_2647164676545...e=5A0286C8]

[Image: 20157852_10213958385540712_6593995115071...e=5A118766]

[Image: 20121413_10213958385220704_1439072096792...e=59C92F2C]

RE: I discovered Portrait Mode... - Loyal Border - 07-17-2017

Eww iPhone. Tongue jkjk Great pics! Thumbsup

RE: I discovered Portrait Mode... - Trifan - 07-17-2017

I saw a great tip on FB. Find an old charger that will plug into you phone and cut the plug off leaving about 1/2 inch of cord. Cut a slit in a ball and glue the cord into the slit then when dry plug the ball into the top of the phone. Then you get lovely shots with the dog looking straight into the camera. I guess you could use any type of smallish toy they like.

You got some lovely photo's though.

RE: I discovered Portrait Mode... - only-borders - 07-17-2017

Nice pictures.

RE: I discovered Portrait Mode... - Gideon's mom - 07-17-2017

Pretty girl!

RE: I discovered Portrait Mode... - Bronwen - 07-18-2017

I can't get over how much her & Bronwen look alike, especially in the 3rd pic! Just took this after seeing yours to see the comparison.
[Image: 35167489394_91de1b5205_z.jpg]

RE: I discovered Portrait Mode... - Ember - 07-18-2017

I've seen that face too! LOL Yes indeed. They are both such messes.

Thanks guys Smile I'm happy with them. Been playing but trying to keep the phone out of her face at the same time lol.