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Timekeeper Part 2... - Ember - 07-10-2017

Trifan, Ember is the keeper of the meal times. This is usually a good indicator that I've been working a little too long in a day...

RE: Timekeeper Part 2... - Loyal Border - 07-10-2017

Aww that's sweet. Looks like she has a big smile on her face at the end.

RE: Timekeeper Part 2... - Trifan - 07-10-2017

Aww, she is so gorgeous ! This is Jaspers way also and it gives me the giggles too.

RE: Timekeeper Part 2... - Ember - 07-10-2017

She has been all smiles today. I love this side of her. She is such a lover too. I could watch that little mouth all day - she is getting really expressive recently!

Living with "Grandma" is indeed like living with Grandma - she got a lot of ham today off the table. Unsure

RE: Timekeeper Part 2... - Tasha's&Mattie'sMom - 07-10-2017

So cute! My daughter is the one to feed the dogs and if I say her name around meal time both will run to find her. Ember reminds me so much of Mattie except Mattie does what we call the "stomp, stomp" and walks all over us to get our attention.

RE: Timekeeper Part 2... - UKPete - 07-11-2017

I love her expressive big fluffy tail!   Big Grin

RE: Timekeeper Part 2... - Ember - 07-11-2017

Her tail is very fluffy and course! So thick that when you grab it you can't squeeze it down to bone. And it likes to curl unless she's working, then it has that collie look to it. It's the one part of her that everyone says CAN'T be BC because it doesn't "look" BC.

TMM I am very happy with Ember's spacial awareness lol. She WILL get up in my space, but will not walk all over me. I'll take it lol. Those boney little paws look like they could hurt!

RE: Timekeeper Part 2... - UKPete - 07-11-2017

I think I love her tail partly because it is fluffy, and partly because it appears slightly at odds with her polite manner, her slender frame, and her character - which, if I've understood you correctly, is currently towards the slightly nervous end of the scale.  That tail is a reminder that there is a bold and robust Ember as well  Smile

RE: Timekeeper Part 2... - Tasha's&Mattie'sMom - 07-11-2017

Mattie also slaps us with her paw like Ember. And Mattie's tail is a lot like Ember's. We say Mattie has a 'waggily' tail.

RE: Timekeeper Part 2... - Gideon's mom - 07-14-2017

Her tail is like Micah's. He doesn't really have feathering much, but he has a lot of tail hair, thick and coarse.