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Collie Colour Question - Bronwen - 05-16-2017

Soooo excited! My friend who bred Bronwen has just bred Bronwen's aunt (a red & white BC) with a welsh sheepdog (tri colour). So my question is what possible colour combinations will the puppies be do you think.  On my reckoning if aunt has caught I'll be bringing a baby cousin home for Bronwen around mid-September (just in time for my 45th Birthday)  Big Grin  Heart Big Grin

RE: Collie Colour Question - Quirkydog - 05-16-2017

Is it a black or red tri?
Black is dominant, so if it's black tri you need to no what's behind the dog. She could very well
Carry another black gene or the red
This would make a difference

RE: Collie Colour Question - Bronwen - 05-16-2017

I don't know, I just know he's a working dog. Seen photos and his black is shot though with tan (not like a merle, just individual hairs).

RE: Collie Colour Question - Oenoke - 05-16-2017

It depends what they carry, if the bitch carries tri, you will get tris, if the dog carries red you will get reds, if they both carry dilute you may get dilutes (blue and lilac), but the most likely is mainly black and whites with possibly some black tris.