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Kep Today - Loyal Border - 04-18-2017

I decided to take a pic of Kep this morning while he was resting after a game of frisbee. This is the position he was in and I thought it made for a good pic.
[Image: 20170418_083313_zpst5gcouwv.jpg]

When I went to review the pics I took so I could keep all the good ones and trash the bad ones I came across this beauty.
[Image: 20170418_083308_zpspw6wf6lg.jpg]

I love it when I catch a good pic of him in a goofy pose accidentally.

And as a bit of a bonus, here's a pic of Kep sitting at the table. My sister picked him up and put him there. I think he's happy to be allowed to sit at the table. Giggle
[Image: 2017-04-18%2021.54.20_zps3sv5dmnk.jpg]

RE: Kep Today - Ember - 04-18-2017

His airplane ears crack me up. He's so cute. And that tongue! That first pic is definitely a keeper though!

RE: Kep Today - Trifan - 04-19-2017

Great photo's, you can see his sweet nature in his eyes. The aeroplane ears crack me up too. My Jasper has the same ears just fluffier. They have never had an upright moment but they spend a lot of time inside out.

RE: Kep Today - only-borders - 04-19-2017

Great photos. First one is frame worthy.

RE: Kep Today - Loyal Border - 04-19-2017

Thanks! Yeah, I like the airplane ears too. When he was younger they spent their time inside out more often than not and even now they will flip over every once in a while.

Just realized I put this in off topic instead of photo and video gallery. T1818 Next time I should try to not post things late at night. Tongue

RE: Kep Today - Tasha's&Mattie'sMom - 04-19-2017

Kep looks so handsome in the first photo, silly in the second photo, and surprised in the third ("What did I do right to get to sit at the table?").

And regarding posting late at night.  I have sleep issues and am often up in the middle of the night.  For some reason I used to get on the library website and look at books and put lots of things on hold so the next time I was at the library I would have a dozen books to pick up.  I guess my exhausted brain thought that a few good books would help me sleep??  All the librarians know me so I told one of them of this issue and she said, "Honey, if that is the worst thing you do in the middle of the night you are doing things right."

RE: Kep Today - Loyal Border - 04-19-2017

Haha, I must agree. I think it makes librarians happy to see friendly familiar faces come in a lot to take out and return books. Especially in this age of technology where paper is slowly dying out.