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Accelerating the Pooing... - UKPete - 04-18-2017

I walk Dash twice a day.  It often takes an hour of walking before he decides to have a poo.  I've tried walking him at different times, and different lengths of time after he has eaten, but no change.  Obviously it's not a huge issue, but at some point I will want to take him for a walk which doesn't last an hour.

Any tips?  Smile

RE: Accelerating the Pooing... - Loyal Border - 04-18-2017

First find the times he normally poos at e.g. first thing in the morning, half hour after meals, early in the evening, et cetera. Once you know these times take him out on a leash and go to the spot you want him to poo during the times he normally poos and wait two minutes. If he doesn't go within that time take him inside and put him in his crate (or other such place you know he won't poo) and try again in half an hour. While you're waiting to take him out again don't play or interact with him. If when you take him out again and he still doesn't poo within the two minutes take him back inside and try again in another half hour. Keep doing this until he does poo and within a few days he'll learn that he has two minutes to do his business and if he doesn't he'll have to wait till next time, no games allowed.

RE: Accelerating the Pooing... - Tasha's&Mattie'sMom - 04-18-2017

I agree with everything LB said plus I like to add a command.  I use "go potty" because it isn't something I say in normal conversation.  I take my dog outside and give the command.  When they go I'll say "good boy/girl" in a very calm and quiet voice.  Also, for me, walks are not potty breaks.  If I am taking my dogs on a walk or to play at the park I let them out in the yard to do their business before we go.  It keeps me from having to clean up after them (I still take clean-up bags just in case) and less worry for me that they will need to go in a less then desirable spot.

RE: Accelerating the Pooing... - only-borders - 04-18-2017

I give mine a little more time than 2 minutes, probably at least 5. I also use "go potty" for their cue. My dogs have never pooped while out walking on leash. 
Seldom will they even go if we are walking in the field for any length of time. But as soon as we get in the fenced area by the house they all have to go. 

Be patient and put a word with it. Always use a leash and go to the same area. Consistency is key.

RE: Accelerating the Pooing... - UKPete - 04-19-2017

Thank you for the suggestions - I shall give all of them a go.

At the moment his 'time to poo' seems to be after about 60 minutes of walking.  I think I'll try giving him a shorter walk this morning and, if he doesn't poo, taking him out every hour or so into the garden for a few minutes.

On an unrelated note, did anyone else's dog have alternating 'good' days and 'naughty' days?  Yesterday he did really well, whereas this morning he has pushed every boundary quite hard - This pattern has recurred a few times now and it definitely feels like he's seeing what the limits are (we're in our second week together).

Thanks again for the poo tips. Big Grin

RE: Accelerating the Pooing... - only-borders - 04-19-2017

I would take that as he is starting to settle in a bit more. It can take quite a while before you see the "real dog" in some rescue cases. 

Look at it as a learning experience and an opportunity to mold him the way you want him to be. As he becomes more bold let him know what is and is not acceptable. The longer he is able to continue doing any unwanted behaviors the harder it will be for you to correct them. 
IMO every dog is a work in progress from the day you bring them home until they go to the bridge. All the days in between are going to be what you make them and for me that is the best part.   Smile 

Enjoy him and his quirks, you are still getting to know each other.

RE: Accelerating the Pooing... - UKPete - 04-19-2017

Thank you Smile

It does seem that every day throws up something different.  Today he has been barking a lot (so I leave him until he's stopped before having any contact, once I've checked there's no one at the door).

He also lunges and barks at some people and dogs.  I've started reading Barbara Sykes' book 'Training Border Collies' and she says that I need to be in front of Dash if there's anything scary approaching.  It does seem to work, he still scared but looks at the threat from between my legs rather than lunging and barking.

Thanks to yourself, and the other people who've been very generous with advice and tips, I do feel I have a way forward with his various issues (fingers crossed!).  Hopefully it'll just be a matter of time.........