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Portraits - Bronwen - 03-18-2017

Was pleased with how this came out of Bronwen. Love her eyes in it.  

[Image: 33112072440_5bc1924887_z.jpg]

So lets see your favourite photos Smile

RE: Portraits - Ember - 03-18-2017

Absolutely beautiful photo! I do love her eyes, and man she looks like Ember every time!

This is my personal favorite, but it's a little old now (almost 4 months).
[Image: fullsizeoutput_39b.jpeg]

This is what I'm currently stuck with... no glamor shots are gonna be had right now...
[Image: IMG_0415-e1489862403554.jpg]

RE: Portraits - Loyal Border - 03-18-2017

Not the newest of pics but they are some of my all time favorites.
[Image: 20160403_103015_zps2bqfta4a.jpg]
[Image: 20160808_142227_zpstzdtjjhr.jpg]
[Image: 20161020_091156_zpsh1muc1uc.jpg]

RE: Portraits - Bronwen - 03-18-2017

Lovely photos.

And Ember & Bronwen could be from the same litter they're so alike.

RE: Portraits - Tasha's&Mattie'sMom - 03-18-2017

What a great photo, Bronwen is so pretty!  By the way, how do you pronounce her name?  I keep trying different pronunciations in my head and I don't think I am getting it right.

Tasha has lighter eyes.


Mattie has darker eyes.


Tasha's dad has one blue eye.  I don't know how dog genetics work but I have wondered if that is why her eyes are lighter.

RE: Portraits - Bronwen - 03-19-2017

Awww such smilies!

Her name is pronounced Bron (as in Ron with a B) When. Its a Welsh name (as we live in Wales and her parents are Welsh) and means white breasted or pure of heart, both of which I thought were appropriate Smile If we get a baby brother or sister for her they'll have a Welsh name too. Her Mum and a couple of her sisters have been trained in Welsh as well as English! I don't speak Welsh so Bronwen isn't.

RE: Portraits - Tasha's&Mattie'sMom - 03-19-2017

So her name is pronounced as it is spelled.  I remember a post where you said Bronwen is Welsh so I thought her name must be complicated to pronounce.  Tasha and Mattie know a bit of German.  My GSD knew his basic commands in German and when we got Tasha I decided to keep the commands for all the dogs the same.  I do get some strange looks when Tasha drops to the floor for "platz".

RE: Portraits - Bronwen - 03-21-2017

That's cool! I'm really poor at languages so will be sticking to English LOL

(A lot of people pronounce Bron's name Bronwin and there is a similar name spelled Bronwyn which is pronounced as win not wen)

RE: Portraits - Trifan - 03-21-2017

Look at all these beautiful dogs. As different as they all are they have one thing in common, the windows to their beautiful souls, the eyes.

RE: Portraits - Ember - 03-22-2017

What @"Trifan" said LOL!