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Posted by: phoebeandjosie - 03-14-2017, 06:24 AM - Forum: General Border Collie Discussion - Replies (5)

So little Josie just disgraced herself! It is 10pm here and I thought I'd let Josie in the house with me as she wasn't settling in the sunroom the way she normally would at this time. I was trying to get the house work done and normally she is very good at hanging out with me during chore time. Tonight though so much howling (in an attention getting way), barking, trying to drag me around by my clothes and stealing things! And THEN she weed on the freshly vacuumed carpet?!! Which she has only ever done once before as a pup. Aaaaaarrrrrggh

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  Cleaning Teeth
Posted by: blackwell - 03-14-2017, 12:33 AM - Forum: General Border Collie Discussion - Replies (8)

We are still having issues with this.

Murphy is OK, her teeth are fine as she is still young.

But Maddy's teeth are first grande concern I have been told.

We give them knuckle bones about once a week, and that helps, but they are hard to get and they create terrible 'back end' issues the next day.

we have tried the snacks but Maddy just swallows them !

And the toothbrush thing nearly ended with me losing my hand !

Problem is, Maddy is not a huge lover of chewing toys. So that doesn't seem to work.

Not keen on those not raw/frozen bones you can get from pet shops, they stink like hell and leave a massive mess and again create bad back end issues.

Kongs don't tend to work as she doesn't enjoy toys much and if we put food in it she tends to get the food out very quickly. Maybe using the wrong Kong?

And the other is I know most of the peeps here are not from Australia, so not sure if the products you use are accessible here.

What's the best way to clean their teeth, given the above restrictions?

Is there a snack I am not aware of?

This is a big issue as I am worried her teeth are going to get a lot worse and become a serious health issue. We have seen vets and spoken to people at pet shops and are none the wiser.

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  How many words does your BC know?
Posted by: blackwell - 03-14-2017, 12:25 AM - Forum: General Border Collie Discussion - Replies (7)

I swear Maddy knows around 30-50.
A brain dump off the top of my head...

din din
Yum yum
Quick (if I am wanting her to pee outside, if I say QUICK often she will pee right there and then, I kid you not)
Drop (kinda confusing, there's 2 interpretations, one for drop the ball, and the other to lie down, and she knows them both)
Get-It (if I say this, she will start looking for her ball)
What-Is-It (if I say this, she will presume something is wrong, like a stranger has entered the house - then she will go into seek-and-destroy mode)
Where's-The-Ball (she goes crazy when I say this, as you can imagine)
Up (if we are on the stairs and I say this, she will walk up)
Down (as above, but will go down)
Inside (if I am in the hallway and say this, she will go into the room)
Bad-Girl (if I say this she knows she is in trouble, and will duly come up and give me the sad n sorry eyes and more often than not try and lick my face)
Home (if on a walk, if I say HOME she will start running heading for home - she knows what it means and how to get there!).
Kiss (she will 9 times out of 10 kiss me on command ifd I say this)
Do-You-Love-Daddy (she usually kisses me if I say this, else lie down for a tummy rub)
Go-To-Bed (if I say this she will go to her crate - not sure it works during daytime though, maybe I should try that !?)
Walk (say this and she runs to the front door all excited)
Water (pronounced, oddly enough, WOR-TA - say this, and IF she is thirsty she will either head to the water bowl OR, and Yes this is gross, she will go to the bathroom, jump up and stick her mouth/tongue under the tap - basically she drinks straight from the tap... and NO I didn't teach her this, she figured it out for herself she is so smart)

I am probably missing a few. 

Sadly Murph's vocab is far less pronounced, but countering that she has a natural blonde perm !

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  Will my girls protect me?
Posted by: blackwell - 03-14-2017, 12:03 AM - Forum: General Border Collie Discussion - Replies (11)

A little while back, a friend of mine came over to my house. He'd not been here for years, and not since we got the girls (Maddy & Murphy, two female BCs).
As is typical of our girls, they bark aggressively at anyone who enters the house they don't know. I don't mind this, as I see part of the purpose of having dogs is to protect the house and the family. (Note: that by no means is an indication I want the girls to be sacrificial lambs - quite the opposite actually... but the barking as a deterrent is welcomed by I).
Just like other times the girls have barked at visitors, after a while and after much insistence by myself that the visitor is a good guy and a friend, the girls eventually settled down, accepted my friend then duly started to lick his toes. 
At which point my friend said to me, that in his view it is for certain that my girls would attack someone who attacked me, that is they would protect me if put in a situation where I was being assaulted. I told my friend I didn't agree with this, and that I thought it was ALL BARK (so to speak), but afterwards I thought about it more and it dawned on me that my friend has had a number of dogs in the past whereas I am a virtual dog rookie, so I started thinking maybe he is right.

So I wanted to run this one past the members here.

If you have a BC (or 2 in our case), is it a given they would protect you if you were being attacked (by another human, say a burglar, or even another dog I suppose)?
We have never trained our dogs to be attackers/killers. But they display serious herding instincts, and as stated earlier they will bark aggressively at someone who is inside the house whom they don't know well. (and by extension they bark aggressively when they hear strange noises either out the back or out the front of the house). 
Outside the house though, say if we are taking them for a walk, they won't bark at people - which, then tells me they are very possessive of the house they live in. Outside the house they are gentle beings (to humans that is).
They have never attacked a human, however they quite often will get into fights with other dogs at local parks (less so Murphy, but very much so Maddy who is incredibly possessive of her ball and her masters - so that's me, my wife and my daughter).
So, with that background info, can I ask the resident experts here, IF a stranger came into our house, or walked up to me on the street, and displayed aggressive behaviour towards me, would my girls respond with aggression and potentially with force to this human? If I was being attacked physically, would the girls protect me?

As a side note, an addendum of sorts I suppose, a few weeks back I was awoken late at night while sleeping. I heard a noise. My wife was sound asleep, and so I grabbed the baseball bat, and asked Maddy to come with me to check out the house, but the little coward just stayed in her crate ! After much insistence she decided to accompany me in my patrolling the house (in my undies no doubt!), but after a few mins she decided to go back upstairs to her crate. So, a warrior she might not yet be!!!

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  Maddy and Murphy
Posted by: blackwell - 03-13-2017, 08:56 PM - Forum: General Border Collie Discussion - Replies (10)

Hi all

Apologies it has been a fairly long time since I visited these parts. 

Just wanted to tell everyone that Maddy and Murphy are getting along well. Maddy being the first BC in the family, and the more dominant personality, still bullies Murphy, but it's not THAT bad, and they haven't had a real tiff for some time. And if anything, lately we have noticed Maddy will often go and sit/sleep right next to Murphy, which we feel is a sign of love - she might be loathe to admit it but she loves little Murphy.

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  how to keep a good Border down!
Posted by: cgrasso - 03-13-2017, 02:33 PM - Forum: Introduce Yourself - Replies (7)

Hi all! Our 10 mo border collie was recently injured and is now on "light duty"... as if that exists in Maverick's BC brain!  I would appreciate suggestions (specifics) on ways to keep him from going bonkers for the next couple of weeks.  Memory games, new commands, name/retrieve/put away toys. The main problem will be while we are at work/school.  Suggestions? Has anyone ever hired a sitter for this type of thing?? Thank you.

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  Hi everyone.
Posted by: Caddie1 - 03-13-2017, 07:20 AM - Forum: Introduce Yourself - Replies (11)

Hi . My name is Mal and I recently acquired my beautiful Border Collie named Jessie.
We are hoping to gain a lot of knowledge here so we can enjoy our time together.

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  Flower pots and rainwater =2 very sick dogs
Posted by: Williewingnut - 03-13-2017, 06:28 AM - Forum: General Border Collie Discussion - Replies (11)

Had two weeks of hell here , with what can only be described as projectile diarrhoea and vomiting endless visits to vets office ran up huge bill ( thank god for pet insurance) turns out it was water borne bacteria from rainwater that was collecting in flower pots they had Been drinking from it so drainage holes drilled in all the pots  that are filled and the discarded ones binned it's been a lesson learnt !

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  Dog's with jobs
Posted by: LrdDashington - 03-12-2017, 02:11 PM - Forum: General Border Collie Discussion - Replies (13)

Hi all, my apologies if I am repeating something that has already been covered but I did a quick search and couldn't find what I was looking for.

Having just read the post about BC's going from farm to homes (as is the case with our Dash), I wondered what everyone does in regards to jobs.
There's a lot of mention of them needing a job and I can completely understand because Dash is still ball mad and I think he believes at the minute still that collecting his balls and catching them is his job to do.

So what job do you give your dog to do, if he/she is not working?

Hope my question makes sense.

Thanks in advance.

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  Doggie Quirks
Posted by: Chrissy - 03-12-2017, 12:46 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (16)

Does your dog have any strange habits/quirks/fears?
Every day is a learning experience with Ben the recent rescue collie. Some friends came to visit and parked their car alongside my house a few yards from the gate. It's the first time he has seen a car parked there. Well he dug his heels in and cowered as he tried to back off. Moving cars are a different story - he has to be restrained from chasing them.  But he would not go near that parked car and to get past we had to do a big detour around. At first I thought it was just the sight of the new object but in retrospect maybe he thought he was going to be put in the car and taken away. You wonder what goes on in their heads sometimes....

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