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  Puppies Born - Names?!
Posted by: Bronwen - 07-16-2017, 09:31 AM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (25)

So puppies have been born.  Unfortunately 2 were lost as first was too big and lost in labour inc the one boy in the litter :Sadut on the plus side 2 big, healthy B&W girls born yesterday and one of them will be mine.  Looking at the pics one is a very traditional B&W BC, the other is a split face with 2 black ears and the black goes down from one ear over the eye on one side and a black splodge on her nose.  She has a white splash on her back that looks like the batman logo - we're in love!

So I'm taking a straw poll on names.  Has to be Welsh (her breeding is all welsh and we live in Wales even if I'm English). We have a list but happy for Welsh additions.  What would people pick:

Mati - variant of welsh version of Margaret
Mari - welsh form of Mary
Iola (yoh la) - female version of lolo
Gwyndu (prounounced Gwin De) - white black
Awel - gentle breeze
Eirlys (Ie lys) - Snowdrop
Hafgan (hav gan) - summer song
Eirys - Iris
Fanw (prounounced VAN oo) - short form of Myfanwy
Gwenol (GWEN ol) - smiling
Lowri - Laura
Tesni - warmth

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  Boarding kennels for the first time
Posted by: Williewingnut - 07-16-2017, 01:46 AM - Forum: General Border Collie Discussion - Replies (9)

Almost time for the wingnuts annual family jaunt and time for the kennels for the dogs stressful time for us after last year but they have been over  for day  visits to meet everyone I'm hoping it's going to be  a fun time for them

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Thumbs Down Frustrated - kibble or nothing when traveling
Posted by: Ember - 07-14-2017, 03:36 PM - Forum: Health and Nutrition - Replies (8)

I brought Ember with me to Myrtle Beach to stay with my brother for 4 days. My parents couldn't handle the added stress of being on a feeding schedule right now - their house is in the final stages of completion - so I had to bring her. 

And the stupid fool of a dog will NOT eat out of her bowl. But turkey from my hand or floor is just fine. So I give up. When she travels she is just getting kibble (which we've been working on reintriducing over the past few weeks). It will be down all day until she decides to eat at which point I will add something yummier into her bowl while shes eating. I can't handle the frustration of worryingly about her starving (has not had a bite all day now) just for her to say "but I want what You have". 

I dunno. I'll take Suggestions. I just threw out two entire portions of expensive raw food she refused to touch over the course of today. Part of me just wants to assume she won't eat the first day and deliberately fast her for a day and a half but that feels even meaner than risking frustration that just upsets her.

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  Merrick dog food?
Posted by: Emilysnowolf - 07-13-2017, 01:34 AM - Forum: Health and Nutrition - Replies (5)

    Hi everyone, 
As some of you know, I have recently adopted a now 3 month old border-aussie puppy and named her Memphis. I've been feeding her Merrick dog food for the time I've had her, and she hasn't had any problems with it until now. While I was transitioning her old limited ingredient diet from the breeder to her new one, which was merricks grain free 'real Texas beef and sweet potato recipe', she had slightly loose stool which was normal given all that she's been through with her new home and everything. I had to change her dog food this week because she doesnt like beef, so I switched to Merrick grain free 'real chicken and sweet potato recipe', because she seemed to really like some of the duck and chicken chews shes had. This lead to some minor diarrhea, which I decided was normal, but to be safe I did some research. When I chose merrick initially, I did some light research on the brand and found only good. Today I decided revisit my research and found that merrick was bought out by purina a few years ago. I don't want to take the risk and keep feeding Memphis this potentially dangerous dog food, but I haven't found any evidence of 'foul play' on purina's part in regards to putting any sketchy ingredients in the food. I like merrick as a brand and their products, in particular their training treats, which are the only more affordable and small training treats I have found for her so far that she has deemed worthy. I don't want to make her stomach suffer any more, since she's a puppy and hasn't had any real problems with this food so far. I came here to ask your opinions on wether or not I should switch out the food, and if I should, what brands you guys would recommend? I live in Canada and I am currently getting my dog food from bosleys which is sort of a higher end pet food store, and I also live near a petsmart. Any advice would be appreciated.

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  Going to see a rescue dog tomorrow - wish me luck...
Posted by: UKPete - 07-12-2017, 09:55 AM - Forum: General Border Collie Discussion - Replies (31)

....and feel free to offer last-minute tips and words of advice!

He's a one year old, short coated dog who has been given up by his family because they have a son with special needs and they aren't able to cope.  He's described as 'friendly and bouncy' Big Grin.  Apparently, he's also house and crate trained, good with other dogs and in a car, friendly and knows some basic commands.  He sounds like the perfect dog - what could possibly go wrong?!

Even though it's a 3 hour round trip (that's a reasonable distance for those of us in England Wink ), I was thinking of seeing how it goes tomorrow afternoon then if all goes well, going back at the weekend and spending longer with him before making a decision.

Fingers crossed!

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  Timekeeper Part 2...
Posted by: Ember - 07-10-2017, 03:32 PM - Forum: Photo & Video Gallery - Replies (9)

Trifan, Ember is the keeper of the meal times. This is usually a good indicator that I've been working a little too long in a day...

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  Dapper dog
Posted by: Williewingnut - 07-10-2017, 03:14 PM - Forum: General Border Collie Discussion - Replies (10)

Jura aka juju cuts a rather dashing figure in his new bow tie

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Posted by: only-borders - 07-08-2017, 05:40 AM - Forum: Off-Topic - Replies (4)

3   Greg  3

Hope you have a great day. 

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  Best Treat/Food for 'Special' Training?
Posted by: kristin92 - 07-07-2017, 09:25 AM - Forum: Working Dogs, Sports, & Training - Replies (4)

Just wondering what kind of food/treats you guys give your dog(s) to associate it with something good that is happening. that it's okay?

I'm trying to work with Chance on his leash and to stop being reactive to strangers, kids, bikes & dogs when they come by. (Sometimes he's fine & they don't bother him, other times he lunges and sometimes barks) And I read that giving your dog treats like steak or liver etc during this training & only giving that treat to him then is the best thing you can do. It helps him learn & realize it's okay. Because to him it associates liver / steak / whatever with strangers. Liver = strangers = good. ( i do carry a treat pouch with me on my hip so idk if that helps with anything either)

Thanks in advance [Image: 2764.png]❤️

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  Walking Manners?
Posted by: Ember - 07-06-2017, 07:59 PM - Forum: Working Dogs, Sports, & Training - Replies (13)

This has been a battle that I have not chosen to fight until now.

Ember's leash manners are severely lacking.

Now, by leash manners, I don't mean pulling or lunging or anything like that (well, lunching when another dog lunges first or when some critter darts by, but that's about it). Overall, she's incredibly easy to walk.

What I don't like is her complete engrossment in the environment. Not just looking at everything, or even worry. Let me see if I can explain it this way: I want my dog to enjoy a walk WITH ME. But she treats me like a hinderance. I'm the one who keeps her from going full chase, or doesn't allow her to mark (I keep walking when I see that leg go up). The only time she even looks in my direction is if I try REALLY HARD to get her attention - I mean a full stop and lots of noise making and then some backwards movement. But the moment I move forward again, I am forgotten.

I know I don't have to be the center of the walk - I don't really want that. What I do want, though, is a dog who enjoys walking with me, not in spite of me.

Right now, our walks are very chaotic. I let her lead where she wants to go (she is a heavy sniffer and I know that's what SHE wants to get out of a walk, and I don't mind) - but she can't pick a direction. She ziggs and zags and sometimes starts to look a little lost, so I take over, and that's when I get the "where the heck did you come from" look from her and she'll run ahead to take lead again.

She also will not let me touch her (acts like I'm swinging at her, darting away or tucking in and going very stiff), but she will investigate other people and maybe even let THEM touch her with a softer reaction if they are attached to another dog.

I have tried limiting our walk to one very defined path so that she has a sort of routine and an idea where to go, but it hasn't made a difference.

I am going to start working on some general leash manners once I have the apartment to myself - things I never got to teach her because the leash was such a huge source of concern for a very long time and at the time training wasn't happening for us. I'm going to start in the living room with her on leash and play Its Your Choice games for looking at, engaging, and heeling. My plan is to move that gradually towards the door and then out on the back patio, and then out on the front porch, and then down the stairs, etc. 

We still lose a lot of food motivation once beyond the steps, so I know a lot of it is nerves. But if having a defined path that hasn't changed in a month and a half hasn't made a lick of difference, I am at a loss as to where to go from here.

Any thoughts, comments, concerns? I'm trying everything from Essential Oils on.

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