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  Time to Find the Family Jewels
Posted by: Trifan - 07-24-2017, 01:26 PM - Forum: Health and Nutrition - Replies (44)

Yesterday I booked Jasper in for neutering. I had wanted to leave it for a little longer as he is only twelve months old but it has been playing on my mind and I thought I should listen to my gut and get on with it before problems arise. He is bilateral cryptorchid so twice the chance of problems. Had he not been cryptorchid I might not have done it at all because we are well set up for managing intact dogs. 

I admit I am stressed about it because I don't want him to suffer the discomfort and on a superficial level I don't want him to be shaved on the belly from one end to the other like my GSD was for one testicle. Jeez, that took 3 incisions to find just one. I just hope that wherever Jaspers testicles are, they are in the same vicinity. Our vet does have ultrasound equipment of course but apparently they often can't be located with this anyway.

Haha, the first problem is going to be not getting his breakfast at the usual time of 4.30am. He has to be in at the clinic by 8.30am next Monday (31st) so perhaps we will need to do a long early morning hike to keep his mind off missing breakfast.

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  Fate is not always what you expect
Posted by: Quirkydog - 07-24-2017, 08:09 AM - Forum: Off-Topic - Replies (9)

So, I had decided to let fate determine my new pup and when.  Really wanting a pup again it's been over 14yrs, my May.  The other dogs since were all adult dogs.
But fate has served me well.

I was heading out to a local sheepdog trial this weekend, great I will ask about some pups.

However Friday I went into vacuum the training area, which is in the building of my friends, daycare, boarding and grooming.   She is the one who breeds Australian Shepherds, she also breeds Lowchens.
4 years ago I puppy sat a litter of 6wk old lowchens.  I really like the male he was a fun pup.
Well fate would have it after 4yrs he has been returned to her because the owner is sick.   He is not settled in well, she has a lot of dogs, he stays at boarding often. 
So I took him upstairs with me when I cleaned,  he is under weight, I asked about this and found out they are having problems keeping weight on him, stress, he was staying at the Kennel for the weekend.
So on a spur of the moment thing. I said I would take him for the weekend.
He is a very sweet, respectful, loving boy that gets on with all residents pets.

So he is now mine, just need to get him neutered.
He weighs about 10lb,  I have never owned anything smaller than a Border Collie.
So little Flynn, I am excited to see where are journey goes.  What will you like to do


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Lightbulb A few questions....
Posted by: Cynderpearl - 07-22-2017, 01:38 PM - Forum: Working Dogs, Sports, & Training - Replies (6)

Tailwag  Hello All!  Heart

I would like to start with, I am pretty familiar with dog training. I have grown up ALWAYS with a dog. Though, I was taught what I would think, the wrong way to teach dogs. I have changed my methods entirely. No more dominant training, making the puppy listen out of fear. I grew up with a grandpa, and a very well behaved boxer dog. Though, that dog listened out of fear. I never liked seeing her get "punished". I was never okay with it. I also never went to those extreme measures to try to get a dog to listen. But, I was fooled into thinking dominance was needed in dog training. 
I completely understand this is so very wrong now. Mainly because every time I took advice from someone who told me.. "You have to flip them over and hold them till they don't struggle" .."snatch them up by their scruff" .."pop them on the nose.." ..it felt cruel.. cause it is cruel. They don't understand those things, and can even be taken as play some of it. Then it just hurts their feelings.. and confuses them. That is not fair. I tried out this advice for a very short time when I finally got a dog of my own as a kid. ..I couldn't do it. 
But, then I was left with no training methods at all. No one to teach me how to raise a dog. It was just.. "Your 6, here is a puppy." So needless to say, the dog grew up to be what most people would consider "horrible". Me being only a child, I had no idea how to correct the behaviors.. I only fed into the bad ones. Like, jumping up.. roaming loose, without a leash (running through the neighborhood, wrecking havoc..), pulling on leash, chewing on EVERYTHING, basically just a untrained dog. That learned human food was good, trash was tasty, roaming was fun, everything is a toy, and the humans got mad at me some times.. but, they also love me.. so everything is okay. 
5 dogs later... including my 3 I currently own. I have training pretty figured out. Kinda. I worked in dog boarding and grooming for about 2 years. The only reason I am no longer doing this, is because I moved away from the job. I loved it so much! I learned so much too! I learned about all kinds of different breeds, personalities, their wants, needs, and emotions. It was a amazing learning experience. It has made training my 2 older dogs a thousand times better and easier. 
Gypsy is a rescue. Also my first dog I got after a long period of not getting a dog. Since, I had some bad luck in the past with 2 other dogs. One being my first childhood dog. Another being a Lab/Husky mix that was stolen from out of my yard. (I know this because she was a really good girl, and never left the yard.. or ever dreamed of it. She was in a fence, that she never even thought of getting out of. She had ability to come inside and out, I never left gates open. Because, I never go through them. The gate was open when I got home.. and there was no way anyone I knew came through there.) but, either way, Gypsy being a rescue, has come with some behavior issues. She has real bad separation anxiety. Like.. REAL BAD. Worse than I ever seen before in a dog. She has full blown panic attacks if we are not with her at all times. Though, she has gotten better in some ways. She will stay happily in the car, knowing we will be back (Air on w/water and tunes.. car locked, we have extra key to get back in.) ..we have tried just about everything but drugs from a vet. Her separation anxiety wouldn't be horrible if she did not have a socialization issue as well. She is such a sweet, well trained, perfect girl.. accept for her separation anxiety, and barking at people/children/other dogs. Also, she acts fine for about less than a minute.. going up to them, wagging tail, calm.. then BARK BARK BARK. She will even bark at us if we put a hat on, till she figures out it is us.  People think she will bite, it scares them... but, she just barks at them. Never snapping. She loves people when she gets to know them. Only takes 20min or less, and she is your best friend. Anyone have socialization advice for us? Or.. have a way to combat a dog that gets too stressed to care about a kong toy filled with heavenly treats..?
Lola we got as a puppy. She was for guarding our chickens. But, we ended up moving, giving the chickens away to a good home, and now she is our big cuddly inside dog. haha.. she is happy with the decision too. She gets to sleep in bed with momma, daddy, and sister. (We have a king size bed for a reason... to sleep with our babies in one big happy dog pile. haha) She is a extremely well trained, awesome dog. The only thing with her is food aggression towards our cats. Any time a cat even looks at her while she eats.. its BARK BARK BARK GROWL. I feed her every day, about same time.. 3 times a day. I also feed her 1 cup more than suggested because she is active, eats it right up, and is not over weight. She eats fine with dogs, but not the cats. Also, she is not liking when our new pup Jinora shows interest either, giving her a GROWL. She has not snapped or barked at her yet though. I also since seeing this, don't let Jinora go anywhere near during feeding time. Any suggestions getting her okay with other animals being around her eating? She is fine with humans and Gypsy. Also, so far, Lola has been really good with other new dogs coming around. But, her hair stands up, she becomes alert for about a minute.. then calms down. At this point, she just ignores the other dog mostly. Some she actually wanted to play with. Any suggestions for keeping meeting positive, as well as, making them easier for her each time, till she enjoys meeting new dogs?
Finally, there is Jinora, our new pup. She has been perfect but, I was not happy with the breeder. I got this pup with a ear infection, a UTI, and a inverted vulva. Now.. I know, I know.. I should have checked for these things, then not purchased the pup. But, I just couldn't do that to this pup. She is such a sweet heart. Perfect in my eyes. So gentle, kind, and heck.. all puppies are this way for me haha! I love ALL dogs! I refuse to believe any puppy is not a good one. Some just need more TLC than others. Well, I fell in love with her, and could not let her suffer with infections no more. I paid for her, took her to the vet, and since, have been taking care of these things. She currently is over the ear infection, and we are just now working on the UTI. This is where I have a few questions, and got a little upset. I knew this puppy had a UTI from day 1 of picking her up. She peed and peed and peed and nothing.. tried and tried.. would squat for a lot longer than normal. It was obviously a UTI. I take her to vet for ear infection, and UTI. The vet gives me something for the ear infection, and a cup. I was a little confused for why I needed this cup. She asked me to get a pee sample. 1)I have never been asked to do this, my vets have always got all samples they needed right then and there or told me to come back at a certain point so they could try again to get a sample. 2) I was confused as to why I needed a sample when she obviously had a UTI. So, instead of arguing this. I got the pee sample myself, two days later, they call to tell me she has a raging UTI, with blood and everything. This is where I get upset... my baby has a UTI, we all know it, but you wanted to take my money and waist time? Cause here is the kicker... they didn't even culture it! So, they have no idea exactly what it is. Charged me $60 to make a visual assessment. Then another $50 for medication, that might not work, because they don't know what exactly it is without the culture. Apparently to have her urine cultured, it would have been "expensive" haha! Like a $60 pointless assessment is not "expensive"? There is no other vets around who probably have better prices. But, I don't like that they made her wait so long, and made me do a pointless test. I don't want to be rude, but should I point this out to them? Maybe its law, they must test before treatment. Does anyone know if California has laws like this? The vets seem so nice, and I like the people. They are not rude. But, I really feel like this test was unnecessary, and only for the profits. Meanwhile, my baby is in pain. That tears me up. Besides those few things she came with, and my upsetting encounter with a new vet, she has been great. Playful, happy, sweet heart. The only thing I worry about is this UTI, making her have to go frequently. I have never used puppy pads/grass spots with success. Puppies always just chewed them up after going through all the food filled toys, and never using it for pee. I realize now, it takes teaching them to potty on command first to really get this to work. Well, I now have Jinora able to potty right when I say potty on command. I do not have a potty pad spot yet, but I know she will rip through paper, she has proven herself to fancy shredding paper. So, does anyone have advice about keeping a puppy from chewing a grass potty spot? Or should I not worry about it? I have never used them before. I just take the puppy out every hour on the hour. It seems to work fine. But, with Jinora having a UTI, she pees, or tries, every 20min. Hopefully symptoms go away after 48hours of being on this antibiotics. Do you think she will think its okay to potty in her play pen now? Or she will go back to holding it? I noticed her trying to hold it the first night. Maybe the infection was not as bad a week earlier, so she could hold it? I think she rather hold it, she has even peed in her sleep a couple times. So, I want to believe its all just accident and caused by infection. But, she seems to not even try to hold it anymore, rather just alleviate any pain or discomfort as quick as possible. I feel so bad for her. But, as of today, the vets have given us something for it. So, fingers crossed.
Now beyond all of this, here is my biggest struggle.. socialization. I do not have a 100 friends with 100 dogs of all kinds of variety to show my puppy. This would require me to take puppy out, and meet people. BUT, puppy is a couple days younger than 10weeks, not complete on vaccinations. So, going anywhere is a possible threat?! How can one possibly socialize a dog BEYOND once a week dog socialization classes. They just don't seem to be enough. Now.. I grew up on a farm, never once did we worry too much about all these vaccinations and such. Use to, take 6 week old, just vaccinated pup to the park, or feed store, stand around... and let people pet your pup. This was the easiest way to socialize the dog with people, other dogs, noises, smells and everything they needed to learn. Are people being over protective? ..or should just wait till 16weeks, instead of at 6weeks? Will this not make socialization more difficult?
I want her to have any and every training class both me and her need, as well as I want to be doing the right things at home with her too. She knows her name, come, sit, down, stay, crate, no, good, leave it, potty, and is pretty good with loose leash walking till she gets "puppy crazy" haha. To be expected though. As well as her not being a perfect listener, with the perfect attention. Still a puppy, so we will learn! Love to hear everyone's thoughts and advice, thank you all for listening! 

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Heart New Member and New Puppy!
Posted by: Cynderpearl - 07-21-2017, 06:57 PM - Forum: Introduce Yourself - Replies (10)

Tailwag Hello all! 

My name is Melissa, and I have 2 dogs, and 1 new puppy.  Gypsy is a mutt, honestly have no idea what she is, and have heard anything from pit mix to dalmatian/bird dog mix. She is a rescue and probably around 4-5 years old. Lola is great Pyrenees/Anatolian Sheppard mix, she is around 2-3 years old. ...and last but not least, Jinora is my new BC puppy. She is a couple days over 9 weeks old.

Gypsy and Lola

Jinora and Gypsy

I have a lot of questions on training, should I post all of them in Working Dogs, Sports, & Training?

Thank you all!   Frisbee_dog

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  Rescue Saylor !
Posted by: Danielle1823 - 07-19-2017, 02:55 PM - Forum: BC Rescue/Shelter - Available Dogs - Replies (5)

        Hello ! I have rescued this sweet border collie named Saylor! She was picked up by animal control and not even given a chance to find someone to adopt her. She was put in line to be euthanized, likely due to all of her health conditions. This sweet girl's appearance makes it very clear that she is in need of medical attention. I pulled her from the shelter the day she was scheduled for euthanasia & brought her to the vets office to learn that she has a SEVERE skin infection, followed by SEVERE ear infections, heavy parasitic infection and to top it all off, advanced heartworm disease. She is getting three antibiotics daily, along with medicated baths every other day. She also will need to begin heartworm treatment in the next three weeks. I have a rescue in line to take her, but I would like to have her treated and in good health before we make the 7 hour drive to her foster home! Of course her medical bills are not going to be cheap & I have created a GoFundMe account in hopes that we can get donations from the border collie community to help give her a second chance at a life she absolutely deserves! I, along with Saylor, would GREATLY appreciate if anyone could donate or share her story with others so we can get this girl healthy enough for travel!

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Heart introduction
Posted by: Danielle1823 - 07-19-2017, 02:41 PM - Forum: Introduce Yourself - Replies (10)

Hi! My name is Danielle. I have two border collies. I work in the veterinary field and come across many border collies that need a second chance at life ! I work hard to rescue and foster/rehome border collies in need ! Thank you for letting me join this forum ! (:

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  Still having eating issues
Posted by: Ember - 07-19-2017, 09:19 AM - Forum: Health and Nutrition - Replies (22)

Starting last Wednesday, before we left out of town, Ember had begun skipping breakfast 3 days in a row. But she was eating it for dinner (I'd pick it up, refrigerate it, and put the same bowl back down). This was a salmon role that I thought maybe had gone bad.

At the same time I had begun reintroducing Kibble with frozen raw pellets added in. She was eating this pretty good, leaving kibble in the bottom but at least eating it mostly.

Then we went to MB, and she skipped an entire day of food, raw including. That was Friday. Saturday - Monday she ate everything put down - hesitantly but fully. This was mostly a fresh Chicken based roll, but it's not one of the grain free ones.

Yesterday she ate every meal, and I pulled out some boiled chicken from the week before for training. She at all chicken handed her without hesitation, even though to me it's starting to smell a little bad (meaning I'll throw it out tomorrow).

Today she is downright refusing to eat the same chicken based roll (I haven't tried enticing with anything yet). Her stomach is being very very loud.

I'm not concerned enough for a vet yet, she's done this before - but what should I be watching for before concern? Could it be bad chicken? The food in general? The introduction of the kibble (which she hasn't had in 4 days)? I really think she has trouble with grains in general. Even the tapioca flour treats I make her with salmon/liver/chicken, if feed daily for training (and I'm speaking a handful a day), will cause missed meals and loud tummy.

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  Training Differences
Posted by: Loyal Border - 07-17-2017, 08:09 AM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (4)

I came across this on fb. I like seeing these sorts of differences and which is more effective. I'm sure you're all already aware of these differences but it's still a good read.


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  I discovered Portrait Mode...
Posted by: Ember - 07-17-2017, 07:41 AM - Forum: Photo & Video Gallery - Replies (6)

... on my iPhone 7.

Now to discover how to make a camera shy mutt not so camera shy.

Pictures hosted on Facebook, let me know if you don't see any...

[Image: 20023905_10213958384700691_6287028771714...e=59C97FA0]

[Image: 20157397_10213958384620689_6864217289819...e=59FD44C2]

[Image: 20121225_10213958384500686_2647164676545...e=5A0286C8]

[Image: 20157852_10213958385540712_6593995115071...e=5A118766]

[Image: 20121413_10213958385220704_1439072096792...e=59C92F2C]

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  Lily, our skinny new collie
Posted by: Black Dogz - 07-16-2017, 12:50 PM - Forum: Introduce Yourself - Replies (23)

Last week my wife and I, and I suppose I should also say our other dog Zorro, brought into our home a 2yo border collie we renamed Lily. Zorro is a 5yo German shepherd mix who looks like a BC, and we actually got him thinking he was. So, this was our second attempt at getting a BC. It's been a hard week. We weren't even sure we needed to get a dog, but she was so sweet and so emaciated, we couldn't leave her at the humane society another day. They told us she was in perfect health, but our vet was "very impressed" with how many parasites she had in her fecal sample. Of course, Zorro picked up some of it almost right away, and now both our dogs are ALMOST through their medications to eradicate the bugs. At 28lbs, Lily is well below her ideal weight, and it shows. We had to stop on the way home at a dog wash to get he stench of urine off her, and then some time with a brush to get the yellow-brown stained tufts of fur off her sides. Turns out, under all that was a pretty little thing. I suspect she is a pure/pure-ish smooth coat BC, though her thicker tail and some hair on her rear legs makes me wonder if she'll get a little "rougher" with some time away from the shelter. I'll be here on the forums to refresh on the how's and why's of training a BC, as our dear Zorro was much much younger and more eager to please when we trained him. Now, he pretty well obliges anything we ask, sometime only realizing afterwards that we didn't know he knew how to do that! Lily, on the other hand, doesn't understand "no", isn't entirely house trained, and while she already has attached to us and loves attention, she loves our squirrels more, and isn't interested in listening to instruction for more and a few minutes at a time. Not to worry though, she is a bit of a different dog everyday as she adjusts. It's not clear what this will be like once we are all settled in, so for now we're focused on that process and on getting her healthy. And now, for the long awaited pics...

[Image: d1427fac1b26a84891bab3931e46dbd9.jpg][Image: d99cad6ecbbb0d2b70ca374c9e701fe5.jpg][Image: b12099420531fbd9c8ce16031b99f955.jpg]

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