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  How do they always know?
Posted by: Ember - 05-16-2017, 09:34 AM - Forum: Off-Topic - Replies (2)

Since we are moving Monday, I have our last vet appointment with our current vet for a full checkup + heartguard refill + paperwork collecting for new vet.

This morning, Ember is completely out of it. Mopey and refusing to eat. Pottying fine, but slow during the walk. Ug...

Well, if she was going to pick a day to not feel well, this would be the one to do it.

Hopefully it's nothing and all the change just finally hit her. She was SUPER CRAZY CLINGY all day yesterday.

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  Aggression to other dogs
Posted by: naomijclarke - 05-16-2017, 02:23 AM - Forum: General Border Collie Discussion - Replies (5)


I was on these forums in the early days of Flo's arrival and found them very helpful, we have come through many normal phases but felt like we had a lovely well rounded dog.  She is now 10.5 months old, she has been through her first season and 99% of the time is a dream dog, incredibly affectionate and obedient. Our first dog and the best decision we ever made.

just before eher first season she started to show aggression to other dogs when in confined spaces, for example pub/cafe.  She is well socialised and always been great with other dogs, so it was a suprise when she lunged at a miniature schnauzer very aggresively giving the poor owners and dog a huge fright.

We put it down to her being in season and were very careful for the next few weeks.  then it happened again in a pub, she had had a long walk was fast asleep under the table we were all relaxed, didnt even notice another dog in the pub when suddenly she flew across the pub at a tiny dog. it qas really shocking for everyone.  I took her outside and shouted at her, which I now realise was the exact wrong thing to do ( I dont normally shout at her, it was just the shock of the siutation and felt that she had been extremely naughty and I overreacted).

so we kept taking her to cafes etc and kept her on a short lead and petted other dogs and whilst dong the watch command and praising her for not going for the other dogs.  thought we had a good plan.

But now she has started doing it on walks!!! she had a proper fight with another collie, again I over reacted as i thought she was going to hurt the other dog.  I walked her again in the evening.  she was fine with other dogs unless they came near me (or were being overbearing to her) and then she growled and snapped at them. we tried this a few times with different dogs and its always the same so it seems she is jealous or protective of her human family.

I am concerned that she ends up doing it with people, at the moment she is completely affectionate and submissive with people, she comes to work with me and meets people all the time.  occasional dogs come to my office and she does now growl and snaps at them where before she was happy to see them.

I have booked a dog behaviour specialist to advise but we cant start for a couple of weeks and I wondered if anyone can advise on how to handle the siutation in the meantime or if you have encountered and overcome this yourself?  Any advice much apprecaited.  

I am now aware that reacting to the behaviour is not helping and plan to remove her from the situation and ignore her for now but is there anything else you can suggest?

She is also going to be spayed in a few  weeks, could that help?

Thank you!!!! PS I STILL do not understand how to post pics on here but have added attachment pic of her

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  Mother's Day
Posted by: Loyal Border - 05-14-2017, 07:39 AM - Forum: Off-Topic - Replies (6)

Happy mother's day to all you moms on here! Fur and human moms alike, you all do a stupendous job. Your hard work and efforts are always appreciated even if you don't always get a thank you. You deserve a break and I hope today can be a calm and peaceful day for you all. Thank you all and enjoy your day, you deserve it! Tailwag

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  What flea/tick treatment do you use?
Posted by: Tamberav - 05-13-2017, 01:52 PM - Forum: Health and Nutrition - Replies (5)

I have two cats so was trying to avoid topical stuff since they play with/lick the puppy. I have used Bravecto on a different dog and it worked well but he is not old enough for Bravecto. The vet gave me Nexgard but after reading some reviews I am hesitant to give him that. I have tried Vets Best natural spray with a previous dog and it worked but actually made the dog sick (vomiting and diarrhea).

Puppy is almost 4 months old.

What do you guys use?

Anyone use Nexgard before?

Any ideas?

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  1 Today!
Posted by: Bronwen - 05-13-2017, 06:41 AM - Forum: Photo & Video Gallery - Replies (9)

Don't know where the time has gone but its Bronwen's first birthday today.  Not that we spoil her but...

[Image: 34244017980_04e1576fae_z.jpg]

Giant biscuit was eaten for breakfast and she's beaten up the duck and also used it as a pillow:

[Image: 34244055310_65564afdde_z.jpg]

[Image: 33786844294_e5ca4dbfb1_z.jpg]

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  Fenzi mimicry class
Posted by: Quirkydog - 05-12-2017, 03:25 PM - Forum: Working Dogs, Sports, & Training - Replies (18)


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  It's Over Now
Posted by: Loyal Border - 05-12-2017, 04:07 AM - Forum: General Border Collie Discussion - Replies (21)

[Image: 20170511_192935_zpsrttriwfp.jpg]
Got Kep neutered yesterday. They did let me pick him up last night instead of having to wait until today which I am so glad about. He seemed so relieved when we got home. He is definitely way more relaxed here than when he was at the vet. I didn't sleep well last night but I don't really care as long as Kep's comfortable. He's currently snuggling next to me on the couch. I think I'll have the cone on him until Monday and then see how he does with it off.

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Video Ignore, couldn't get the video to load.
Posted by: Tasha's&Mattie'sMom - 05-10-2017, 09:37 PM - Forum: Photo & Video Gallery - Replies (2)

Sorry, couldn't get the video to load.

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  Autumn swim and fetch
Posted by: phoebeandjosie - 05-10-2017, 09:32 PM - Forum: Photo & Video Gallery - Replies (7)

Every now and then I try not to take a ball on our walks so that Josie can be a little more focused on me and her surroundings and less ball occupied... but somehow she always manages to find a stray tennis ball on the beach... just like this one yesterday!

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  Learning the concept of Fetch...
Posted by: Ember - 05-10-2017, 03:46 PM - Forum: Photo & Video Gallery - Replies (3)

Now that Ember is showing some very mild (and slightly random) interest in toys, I'm trying to build that interest slowly and surely. There are many days where she walks off or turns away when I reach for something near her or hand her something she hasn't had in a while. That's okay, I drop it and move on back to whatever I was doing.

But then there are days where she truly shows interest and WANTS to interact. You can see it in her face. She gets bouncy (I know, right?! MY DOG BOUNCY!), may even play bows, tries to snatch things away from me. And the more I get to play with her, the more I get to see that she really, truly, doesn't understand HOW to play. It's both so sad and so sweet at the same time.

For starters, if I give something a toss, she will chase it full throttle, snatch it up - and then divert to the couch with it. She curls up, holds it tight (or may even let it drop to the floor), and looks at me with this very bewildered expression, panting and wide eyed.

For while, I have taken this to mean she didn't enjoy it. And I stopped. Wouldn't reach for the toy, didn't try again, didn't try anything new. Just up and left the room, or went back to work, or ask with a reach of hand if I may pet her and if she says yes, we cuddle.

But she always looks somewhat disappointed. She lays her head down and lets out this really long sigh. Sometimes she just stares at the toy, and sometimes she half heartedly tries to follow me around in my duties, just to leave and go back to her couch.

I didn't want to overwhelm her, so I let days go between trying again. And slowly, I braved up. I tried reaching for the toy a second time, looking for those same tell-tale signs of disinterest, worry, or pressure. And at first I got them, so I stopped and moved on with other things.

But then, late last week, her ears perked forward when I reached. I took it as an invitation and repeated the tug game with a quick toss, then I left. Didn't give her the chance to end the session. I got that same confused look - she would have left if I had tried a third time, and that's okay.

But the very next time I tried to play a few days later, I was tossing her lambchop around. I tossed it away, giggling as she clattered off with all four paws moving at different speeds (she's as coordinated as I am, poor girl), and went to get up.

And that's when it happened. She turned back to me and brought me Lambchop without going to the couch first. I praised her, rubbed her ears, and gave the toy a slight tug. She got this slightly wide-eyed look (that same confused one), for just a second, then gave me a good tug back. I let her win and ended play myself.

The next day, I was working on my laptop, and looked up when she jumped up on the couch. She had been in my room a good part of the day. And there she was, Green Dino in her mouth, looking at me curiously. She dropped Dino and pawed at me, and so I gave her a quick tug game and a toss away. Happy with that, she fetched her Dino and went back to my room.

Well, today, I got even braver. And this is the result...

DISCLAIMER: camera fell a few times, sorry.
Time: 1:57

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