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  Wet Dogs, Blurry Pics
Posted by: Brandon M - 01-28-2008, 06:04 AM - Forum: Photo & Video Gallery - Replies (8)

Took these with my cellphone so the quality is really bad.

[Image: phone1.jpg]

[Image: phone2.jpg]

They look guilty because they are! Wet dogs are not allowed on the bed Tongue
[Image: phone3.jpg]

Lance and Mick like to wrestle each other in puddles in the back yard. Hard to keep the floor clean from mud lol.
[Image: phone4.jpg]

Yes, I do have a blanket with pink roses on it. Not cause I like it, but cause it's friggin cold and that's one warm blanket! Mick likes to sleep down there.
[Image: phone5.jpg]

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  Freck n Tuck
Posted by: LadyDaniela - 01-27-2008, 11:38 PM - Forum: Photo & Video Gallery - Replies (3)

[Image: Picture027.jpg]
[Image: Picture031.jpg]
[Image: Picture032.jpg]
and my new favorite
'ma is there something in my teeth?
[Image: Picture036.jpg]

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  Aussie in Athens, GA
Posted by: Dixie'sDad - 01-26-2008, 08:45 AM - Forum: Dog Breeds - No Replies

Not sure if this is the right place to post this. Please feel free to crosspost

[Image: RedMerleAussie.jpg]

Age: 1 year
Breed: Australian Shepherd, listed as PB
Gender: Male
Impound date: 1/23
Ledger number: #25492

He is in the same shelter that Grace was and they seem they seem to be very rescue friendly.

Athens - Clarke County Animal Control
45 Beaverdam Ext.
Athens, Georgia 30605
706 613-3540
Google Map

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  Now that is one HAPPY dog!
Posted by: LadyDaniela - 01-24-2008, 12:00 PM - Forum: Off-Topic - Replies (1)

My mom sent me this cute video

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  R.I.P Heath Ledger
Posted by: smileyzookie - 01-23-2008, 12:19 PM - Forum: Off-Topic - Replies (6)

One of my favorite actors was found dead in his apartment yesterday. Im so sad about it. Its just tragic that he left a 2 year old daughter, and his film career was skyrocketing. Rest in peace, Hollywood wont be the same without you.

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.usmagazine.com/heath_ledgers_family_speaks_about_tragedy">http://www.usmagazine.com/heath_ledgers ... ut_tragedy</a><!-- m -->

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  Hip Dysplasia.... Indie's Results
Posted by: BCMixs - 01-22-2008, 09:51 PM - Forum: General Border Collie Discussion - Replies (3)

are good! Yay! He has a very very mild deformity in his left hip but more than 70% of the ball sits in the socket which is good, no radiographic evidence of arthritis and the tiniest bit of a rough edge on one part of the femoral head which could just be an anomaly. They attempted to draw fluid from his joints to test for the possibility of an immune related arthritis but couldn't get enough fluid from the joints which was a good sign that he doesn't have that. He's sore in all his joints (hips and elbows) and the general consensus is that he still hasn't fully recovered from his stint in "rescue" :evil: having become so severely emaciated (39 lbs.) that he metabolized a good percentage of his muscle mass. At 26+" and 53.5 lbs. he still hasn't recovered enough muscle to support his frame. He on strict rest for 2 weeks and Rimadyl for 3 weeks and then very short walks very slowly building up distance and very slowly increasing his weight to 60 lbs. minimum. The trick will be finding the balance between exercise and weight to keep the muscle building in line with the exercise. He had been doing 2 mile walks 4-5 times a week but it appears that's too much or it's too cold, he handled it well until the cold snap. If it's cold, he gets to wear a sweatsuit to keep his joints warm! :lol: I'm thinking I'll get him a nice flashy one ala Pauley on The Sopranos so the neighborhood will really think I'm koo koo. I'm trying hard to find a place that I can do hydrotherapy with him around here (Richmond, VA) but it's tough going. Nearest ones are Appomattox or Vienna, not really convenient.

I can't say enough about the staff at Virginia Tech's vet school. Great bunch. He got thorough exams from 4 different doctors, they spent tons of time talking to me and explaining everything, taking a very thorough history, etc. I'll be scheduling a consult with their nutritionists to go over his diet to maximize the muscle gain to "PUMP HIM UP!" like Aaahhnold! All in all, I'm a happy Mom. Thrilled he doesn't need surgery at this point (recheck in 2-3 mos.) and pizzed that I'm still dealing with the aftermath of rescue gone wrong and he's still suffering from it.

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  Border Collie Signs
Posted by: LJS1993 - 01-19-2008, 11:02 PM - Forum: General Border Collie Discussion - Replies (11)

Check this one out on the bottom left. Hahahahahaha!!!!!

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  SEPARATED NAIL! OUCH! Woobie got a Boo Boo!
Posted by: BCMixs - 01-18-2008, 05:37 PM - Forum: General Border Collie Discussion - Replies (3)

Cry Woobie came in from outside and started licking at his front paw. I checked it out and the nail on his outside toe was pointing up and underneath was this white and bloody stump! Holy cow did it look painful! I took him to the vet and they trimmed up the nail, said it would probably fall off and cleaned it out, gave him an injection for the pain and gave us Rimadyl and Simplicef to give at home for the next 8 days. He has to keep it bandaged up for a while as the quick heals over and forms a protective covering. When he's standing, the poor thing just holds the paw up in the air, it must just be throbbing, it looked so raw and exposed.

Keeping him quiet should be fun once he's feeling better. :roll: And Indie is determined to chew off the soft cast for him! The best thing about the visit is that I found out that the vet I met at the dog park and really liked is actually a new vet at my old vet's practice! So now I get the best of a new vet fresh with new ideas from school (she turned me on to arabinogalactan powder for Woobie's anal glands) and the old vet who's been with m for years that I love!

I'd have taken gory pictures but my daughter's run off to NYC and took her digital camera with her. You're lucky, it was gross!

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Posted by: LJS1993 - 01-15-2008, 10:30 PM - Forum: Off-Topic - Replies (2)

I've been really busy training and working, thus my board time has been alot less for awhile. Hope all is well and you guys had a great new year.

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Posted by: BCMixs - 01-13-2008, 04:30 PM - Forum: Working Dogs, Sports, & Training - No Replies

Disc Dogs on ABC! Super Cool and BCs making a splash as usual!

Haha! Wallace the pit bull takes the Disc Dog title!

You can see clips and results here:

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.events.purina.com/dogs/events/index.aspx">http://www.events.purina.com/dogs/events/index.aspx</a><!-- m -->

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