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  Video of Riven
Posted by: smileyzookie - 11-30-2007, 02:50 PM - Forum: Photo & Video Gallery - No Replies

Well, I was filming the cats today and Riven kept pestering me. I guess a good solution is pay attention to the cats and then she'll cooperate for the camera!!

I took a short video of her cause she looked so cute.
[Image: th_IM000181.jpg]

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Posted by: LadyDaniela - 11-30-2007, 09:21 AM - Forum: Off-Topic - Replies (12)

A friend suckered me into going with her to a cycle class at our gym. Oh.My.God I am SOOOO sore and I feel like I'm walking on noodles....and the class was 6pm LAST NIGHT. Sheesh.

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  HI I'm new!
Posted by: Border Collie Stew - 11-29-2007, 07:45 AM - Forum: Photo & Video Gallery - Replies (5)

Hi I'm new to the boards and I wanted to introduce myself. My name is Karann and I am from Edinboro, PA. I have two border collies, Gilley (soon to be 4) and Whiskey (soon to be 3). The boys love frisbee and swimming but our main focus is training and competing in Agility! I'm big picture taker and have hundreds of pics of them. Gilley has the long hair and Whiskey has the short.

[Image: aVOZQe9.jpg]

[Image: aVP0JY0.jpg]

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  More Stokdog pics
Posted by: Dixie'sDad - 11-28-2007, 08:06 AM - Forum: Photo & Video Gallery - No Replies

Here is some more pics from the trial

[Image: IMG_1959.jpg]

[Image: IMG_1954.jpg]

[Image: IMG_1953.jpg]

[Image: IMG_1923.jpg]

[Image: IMG_1912.jpg]

[Image: IMG_1894.jpg]

[Image: IMG_1850.jpg]

[Image: IMG_1800.jpg]

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Posted by: RockysMum - 11-28-2007, 02:53 AM - Forum: Off-Topic - Replies (4)

Going on this site is now so much part of my routine. I come in from work in the morning, husband goes to work,son goes to school, I make myself a nice cup of coffee, open my e-mails, and then have a wee look at the new topics since I last logged on. I'm in a good mood this morning - all's well with the world. Had a good night at work, and now I'm going to my warm cosy bed while everyone else goes out to work. Sorry to rabble on a bit, just thought I would share my good mood with everyone Smile

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  Border Collie of the Week
Posted by: allbordercollies - 11-27-2007, 10:29 PM - Forum: Topic Archive - Replies (11)

This week's Border Collie of the Week is:

Aribo - http://allbordercollies.com/images/gallery/0042.php

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  computer problem
Posted by: kelpiegirl - 11-27-2007, 12:20 PM - Forum: Off-Topic - Replies (2)

windows xp. Machine goes into sleep, and usually I just hit the space bar and it wakes up. Will not wake up now. The power light is ON, so the computer is still on, just won't recognize the command to come on. I have to press in the power button for 5 seconds, and then it restarts fine. Any suggestions??

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  Uncooperative photo subject (Riven)
Posted by: smileyzookie - 11-27-2007, 07:57 AM - Forum: General Border Collie Discussion - Replies (3)

Riven has taken to not liking pictures much lately. I'll find her in a cute spot, or being cute, and suddenly that camera comes out and she gets this paranoid look on her face... example..

[Image: aVwqI7J.jpg]
[Image: aVwqZAJ.jpg]
[Image: aVwrMtA.jpg]

Is it me or does she totally look like she has been beat and is afraid at any point I will become MONSTER MOM and attack again? Its funny, but it sucks at the same time to have pictures of her recently that all look like this lol. /shrug Anyone have ideas? Treats, balls, happy excited talk, nothing but not pointing the camera at her helps. She used to love it and pose almost and now she just looks like the flash is out to get her. Any advise?

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  Internet Browsers
Posted by: Brandon M - 11-27-2007, 12:24 AM - Forum: Off-Topic - Replies (5)

I was adding some features to the site today and was wondering what browsers you use. I updated my own browser and noticed things, like fonts, are a little different. I use both Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers.

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  Coprophagia (Feces eating)
Posted by: LJS1993 - 11-26-2007, 08:02 PM - Forum: General Border Collie Discussion - Replies (9)

Okay, my little boy has a dirty habit which really is an embarassment. He eats crap from time to time. What can be done? We've searched alot online and have found pills that are supposed to work well, behavior mod tips, even some who have said it is mostly a phase and many times goes away. Do you have any experience with this? Tips?

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