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Can any one tell me the major diffrences between bc and aussie they seem to to look alike. What about behaviours.
In Sweden aussies often have longer and thicker fur since they are bred for shows here. Border collies are bred as herding dogs.
The aussies are not as slim and agile as border collies. Their heads are broader and their ears are always tipped. In Sweden merle border collies are very rare, but merle aussies are common.
Even if some aussies really looks like border collies I think you can see the difference in their jumping tecnique - border collies jumps better (softer and more agile)! :mrgreen:
Many of the aussies I know doesn´t get along with other dogs...
I have an australian Shepard, 2 BC's, and a BC/Ausie X. I agree with cecilia that the aussies have longer thicker fur, our aussie shed's out 3 or 4 times as much hair as the bc's. Our aussie and aussie/bc cross both weigh around 60-65 pounds while the bc's weigh around 40-45 and the bc's are definately much more agile. We have found the bc's to be easier to train as well and maybe we just got lucky but our bc's and bc/aussie cross were not nearly as "high strung" as the aussie and in my opinion the aussie's bark their heads off at everything and my bc's really only bark when someone comes to the house. I also think that the aussies are more tempermental, It may just be our aussie but I definately have to watch him so he doesn't nip where the bc's I don't have that concern.
I was first thinking about getting a Mini Australian Shepherd and I went to visit a breeder and spoke to people who had them. My impression was that the ones I saw were more reserved and a lot of fairly young dogs (less than one year) were already not interested in me when I came up to them. That was completely different with many of the Border Collies I met here who seemed to be interested in people, and especially the ones at the breeder I chose. That said, my breeder doesn't have many working dogs.

Since I got my puppy, I have met a few more Australian Shepherds who seemed more social.

For me the main advantage of an Australian Shepherd was getting a small dog. I saw a 6 month old male puppy which was very nice and only weighed about 7.5kg.

The other advantage is that a Australian Shepherd puppy may not be as (hyper) active as the Border Collie. I decided that I might as well go all out and get the "real deal" and it's been an amazing amount of work. Yesterday night, after being out all day (3 pm to 10 pm), it took over two hours for my 3 month old puppy to finally calm down. She was continually trying to chew the furniture and the wall, etc. till past midnight, and this after I gave her main food from Kong Wobbler, biscuits from a new toy (ball with opening), and treats sealed with peanut butter in Kong, all of which took a long time and some effort for her to extract.

However, when I went to the Mini Australian Shepherd breeder there was a 6 month old hyper-active male who had been returned by its owner. The dog was clearly a difficult case, so there are always exceptions.

there is a australian shepherd, young male, available in North Carolina..

lady can no longer keep him and he is boarding at a local vet...

e-mail me privately if you are interested....

don't believe he has herding experience...but is good with people he kids please
my sister once told me that if you want a sheep, fowl or dairy cow dog, get a BC; if you want a beef cattle dog, get an Aussie; if you want a bull dog (one to move the bulls), get a Heeler.....(but what do sisters know, right?)

all the Aussies i have met here have been "harder", more "aggressive" dogs then the majority of the BC's that i meet.....but the Borders tend to be more "clannish".......
My husband and I own both a BC and Aussie/BC mix. The Aussie/BC cross has a more wavy coat and even though she does not have a cropped tail, it is shorter than the BCs. The Aussie mix is also bigger boned. When playing together I have observed the Aussie mix is more agressive, and sometimes has to be told to calm down. When playing with the BC she tends to nip a lot and play growl. She is what is called an Austrailian Red color. It is like a tan color with white on legs, chest and tip of tail. She also has the speckling on the legs and face. Her personality is a little bit more serious than the BC also. Her face is more of a BC face, finer boned than a purebred Aussie but her body and coat are definitely Aussie.
There has been a few discussions on this.
I am not that computer smart to know how to find it
Ember could you find the previous posts on this.

If not I will post, I have lived with both and they are different
Thanks Loyal Border
There is another one somewhere I remember adding to the thread.
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