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Full Version: Guess the Breeds Game
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The game is played by finding a picture of a mixed breed dog whose origins you KNOW (not just the shelter's best guess). Or a purebred dog who does not look quite typical for the breed maybe or is an unusual breed. Then we may all try and guess the breeds in the dog. Winner gets dancing bacon! /bacon
If you have a picture of a mix, but you do not know what it is, you can post it anyway and we can have a try, but be sure to state that the dog is unknown.

Guessers, please in the spirit of fairness only guess one combination at a time (don't just post a whole list of possibilities in your first post), so others have a chance to guess too.

I'll go first.

Guess the breeds (two):
Labrador X Greyhound?
Lab x Pit
You both have the Lab part right
lab x bc?
getting warmer
(10-09-2010, 11:22 AM)Iona123 Wrote: [ -> ]lab x bc?

I would say this too and maybe abit of staffy aswell.
Lab x Cattle dog!
Lab X Kelpie?
I see what Vicky sees