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Full Version: Video: Dog Whisperer - Jumping Border Collie
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Maya is a border collie who gets overexcited for her walks.
Lance sits calmly while I put his leash on. Im glad he isn't as nutty as that dog lol.
Freckles is pretty composed most of the time. However when it's time for her runs at night she can get a little crazy. :twisted:
Is there a link to the video? I just love that show
rocky'smum Wrote:Is there a link to the video? I just love that show

Yeah, its on the main page of . You can play it right there on the page. I like the show too and watch it every now and then. It seems to be on National Geographic Channel a whole lot these days.
Thanks, I was able to watch the video when I logged on.

The Dog whisperer is on about 3 times a week here - on Sky

He makes it all look so easy though doesn't he?
yeah, he does make it look easy. it makes me wonder how much they edit the episodes to make it appear that he just fixes the dog right away.
I know- it probably takes about a month of filming or something. Ssshht!