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Full Version: Christmas Card Exchange
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Tis the season ABC members. Anyone interested in doing a card exchange can PM me your name, address and member name. 
I will put all the names on a list and send that list to each person no later than November 30th. That should give us all time to send out cards to all involved. 
Store bought, homemade and of course picture cards are all fun to receive.  Character0181
I'm in. Do you need my info again, or do you still have it?
I've got it, thanks.
I'm in Smile
I'll need your new address Chris.
This is a fun Christmas activity, folks. You should try it.
I'm in, Sent you my info in PM.
I got my first card already! Being down with the flu, it was a nice pick me up Smile That also means I'm behind on my own, I will try to get them out on time, but mine might be a little late.
You are not alone Ember's, I'm late too. Sending mine out today, sorry.
I have been crazy busy and haven't even thought about starting. I bought cards early for something else, but I've made no progress on this.