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Full Version: Well, I've been stupid busy lately!
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As if having a handyman or 3 working at my house for the last 3 weeks hasn't been enough, I found a tiny kitten under the hood of my car on Monday, starved and dehydrated.  We've decided to keep him, but his name, like all the animals in our home, is a bit confused.  My son was the one who reached in the tiny spot he was in and finagled him out.  He immediately decided to call him Grease Monkey, Monkey for short.  Since he is a black tabby and we are stuck in the age of political correctness, I didn't think calling a black cat Monkey was going to go over well, no matter how innocent the name was, so my daughter decided he needed a spy name and consulted her friend and they came up with Nick Furry.  He also has a small white spot under his chin, but otherwise appears to the casual observer to be pure black, so I call him Inkspot in my head.  So, his official name is Nick Furry, but he already has all the nicknames he needs.  And after a few days of nursing and a vet visit, he is well on his way to good health.
Aww fun! Pictures! And I personally thought Grease Monkey was perfect LOL!
Oh my, thank God that you found him before starting the car, what a lucky little fellow, he has really landed on his feet in your loving home. Grease Monkey was such a good name but I totally understand your decision not to use it. It is a sad reflection on our society that our language is used in such a manner that we must be wary of the use of otherwise innocent words with innocent intentions. The names you have chosen are great anyway.
Lucky little kitty.
One of my cats came to us in almost exactly the same way six years ago. Love the name, I bet he is adorable!
Even his vet, who sees many kittens daily this time of year, couldn't get over how cute he is. The wide eyes and big ears get me every time. Hopefully, Leroy(the other house cat) will accept him soon. And hopefully, he will accept the dogs soon. Right now, he is going out of his way to intimidate them, which has us ROFLing, since he is all of 2 pounds 2 ounces.
Well, now you have to post photos!  How old do you think he is?

My six year old (now fat and sassy) cat was only 1 pound, 6 ounces when we got him.  My vet thought he was about five weeks old.  He was so skinny I was worried he wouldn't make it through the night and my then eight year old would be so upset.  Benjamin (my daughter named him) would spit and hiss and arch his back to my 90lbs. GSD.  It didn't take too long for kitty to figure out the monster doggie was a friend.
Yes pictures. Throw in a few of Miss Lily too.  Big Grin