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Do you feed any of these to your dog? If so, which ones and have you noticed any changes since you started?

I feed everything on the list except, seaweed and parsley. The most recent addition was the coconut oil which was added to their daily diet about 3 years ago. It took a few weeks but I did notice a much softer and shinier coat. 
Everything else on the list is in rotation in their diets.
I don't feed any of these regularly but I will give some rather frequently, just not consistently. The two I would most likely give is liver (dried as a treat) and coconut oil. When Kep gets the coconut oil I do notice that his coat will get ever so slightly softer and shinier.
I give lean meat, liver and kelp powder as part of their regular diet amongst other things in their home made BARF. I give sardines instead of salmon/tuna for no other reason than convenience of being in a can which they share twice weekly on top of their regular food. I add powdered kelp when preparing the BARF. I add coconut oil to kibble meals.

I don't give oatmeal, parsley, peas, carrots or yoghurt or cottage cheese on a regular basis. I do however blanch baby spinach and add when making BARF.

I went through a phase of giving raw carrot for teeth cleaning until I read an article which explained why you shouldn't and it made sense to me so I stopped. It was basically about the dogs digestive system not being designed to break down cellulose and therefore could cause an overproduction of digestive enzymes. The article indicated that if the vegetable comes out looking quite recognisable then it was likely to not be the best idea to give it. This was the case with carrots and peas so I stopped. Having said that, on the rare occasions that we eat frozen peas, I do give them a couple as a treat.

I only give yoghurt or probiotics when there is a need to do so such as following any antibiotic treatment or I will use yoghurt to administer meds at times by crushing the tablet and mixing in the yoghurt.
Ember doesn't like 90% of the things on the list LOL! The meat is a given, but that is about it.
When we were on a camping holiday in the southern state of Victoria I gathered a whole lot of bull kelp which grows in the deep, cold waters of Bass Strait. It dries very hard and when I use it in my basketry I just expose it to humility rather than water so it is still quite tough and chewy. The boys absolutely love getting an off cut, it's like a natural chew.
Any veggies I feed are always half cooked. 

My dogs also love lettuce. They would run through fire for lettuce. The kelp looks very interesting.
I'm going to have to try lettuce. I need to try kelp too!
(10-06-2017, 06:53 PM)Ember Wrote: [ -> ]I'm going to have to try lettuce. I need to try kelp too!

Haha, me too. I had already decided that when my partner gets home with the food shopping I am heading straight for the lettuce. I bet they like the crunchy texture of most of the leaf.
Mine LOVE kelp too. I feed all of those except oatmeal is a no-no for Micah.
For those going to try lettuce, how did it go?
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