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Full Version: Welp, there's ways around rules....
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My great aunt is bringing my parents a 4 lb 2 year old Maltese male pup this weekend. My parents are still back and forth about keeping him, but if they do, I'm going to get to "play" with him - a new dog to train!

There is a chance they aren't going to keep him, or something might be wrong with him (he has missing jewels *coughTrifancough*, but we will see. I am not a rule breaker but I'm tempted to try sneaking him in as a "cat" if they don't want him or can't handle him. It's been over 2 years and my mother is still mourning her Rascal.
Four pounds is tiny!  I bet he is really cute.  Convince your parents that a dog that small can't possibly be any trouble and you will be around to help. Big Grin
Aww, puppy !!!! What can I say ? Beware the absence of Jewels !!! I new it was likely we would have to deal with this problem when we got Jasper but I didn't expect it might blow out to almost AU$2000. We have health insurance but it is not covered by ours or any of them. One company outright excludes cryptorchids, one considers it desexing which is elective, another considers it preventative medicine. Agh, insurance companies   Huh Angry Confused
Don't forget to share pictures with us. 4 pounds, wow.
4lbs! - best make sure neither Ember of Kairo sit on the little guy LOL
I can't wait to see him. There will be pictures even if he doesn't stay LOL. We've "discussed" trading Anya for the little guy if it doesn't work out for my parents Tongue (not really, my cat is my baby, she's just a temperamental diva that I love dearly LOL).

Mom says if she keeps him his name will be Cricket (my dad's nickname among his siblings).

If I end up with him somehow (unlikely, I really don't like breaking rules), I would have to wait to name him.

Yes, Bronwen, if there is a dog to be sat on it will be my Ember doing the sitting LOL! It depends on his temperament tho - she seems to only do it for correction.
Hope he finds a good home no matter what happens. I'm sure whatever happens will be what's best for all involved.
My parents decided not to take him. Oh well lol. Always so close. On the bright side, I have Kairo again for another 2 weeks. DJ is a recruiter now (against his wishes) and his schedule is even worse than long hours at a shop - Last week Kairo spent 36 hours straight in a crate and there was nothing he could do about it. So I have Kairo until his fiance's brother gets HIS husky fixed, and then Sammie (the fiance) is coming to take Kairo.