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Full Version: Hey Gideon's mom
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Do you have an update on how Lily is doing?
Yes yes yes yes!!!!
She is completely ours. Right now she is lying down at our feet taking a nap. We just got back from a walk.

While I was out of town, Joel was off for 2 weeks and he went back to work yesterday. Lily had a bit of a fit when he left, but settled down quickly when she realized I was still there. She just needed a little snuggle and some reassurance.

I do have to take the boys out to play without her sometimes. She takes over any game of fetch. She has a very mild case of resource guarding, but we have a good handle on it.

She is such a sweet girl.
Glad she's doing well! Sounds like she fits right in now. Smile
That sounds great! I'm so glad she's fitting in! Are the boys loving her yet?
The boys adore her or are overwhelmed by her. She is faster than either of them and a ball hog, no, make that a toy hog, any toy.