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Full Version: Lily, our skinny new collie
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Last week my wife and I, and I suppose I should also say our other dog Zorro, brought into our home a 2yo border collie we renamed Lily. Zorro is a 5yo German shepherd mix who looks like a BC, and we actually got him thinking he was. So, this was our second attempt at getting a BC. It's been a hard week. We weren't even sure we needed to get a dog, but she was so sweet and so emaciated, we couldn't leave her at the humane society another day. They told us she was in perfect health, but our vet was "very impressed" with how many parasites she had in her fecal sample. Of course, Zorro picked up some of it almost right away, and now both our dogs are ALMOST through their medications to eradicate the bugs. At 28lbs, Lily is well below her ideal weight, and it shows. We had to stop on the way home at a dog wash to get he stench of urine off her, and then some time with a brush to get the yellow-brown stained tufts of fur off her sides. Turns out, under all that was a pretty little thing. I suspect she is a pure/pure-ish smooth coat BC, though her thicker tail and some hair on her rear legs makes me wonder if she'll get a little "rougher" with some time away from the shelter. I'll be here on the forums to refresh on the how's and why's of training a BC, as our dear Zorro was much much younger and more eager to please when we trained him. Now, he pretty well obliges anything we ask, sometime only realizing afterwards that we didn't know he knew how to do that! Lily, on the other hand, doesn't understand "no", isn't entirely house trained, and while she already has attached to us and loves attention, she loves our squirrels more, and isn't interested in listening to instruction for more and a few minutes at a time. Not to worry though, she is a bit of a different dog everyday as she adjusts. It's not clear what this will be like once we are all settled in, so for now we're focused on that process and on getting her healthy. And now, for the long awaited pics...

[Image: d1427fac1b26a84891bab3931e46dbd9.jpg][Image: d99cad6ecbbb0d2b70ca374c9e701fe5.jpg][Image: b12099420531fbd9c8ce16031b99f955.jpg]
Action-smiley-030 Hi and welcome to ABC! Lily looks like such a sweetie! Heart
Such a pretty girl. Thank you for rescuing her. 

It will be fun to hear about how she improves in time.
Hello and welcome. Good on you for rescuing her, what a lucky little girl ! Wow, she sure is underweight, like a whippet. I just love the first photo with her little tongue hanging out, so cute. She is a pretty and enthusiastic looking girl. I look forward to hearing about her journey. Heart
Hi and welcome! We'll both be getting used to our new Lilies at the same time. Congratulations and thank you for rescuing.
Goodness, Lily is so cute! I have two smooth coat BCs and my rescue, Mattie, looks like your pup. Thank you for bringing her into your home. I look forward to hearing about her adventures with you and with her brother Zorro.
Thanks for the comments.

We are having a hard time keeping her busy. She's become obsessed with watching out the windows, even after dark. We're trying to keep her busy with walks, occasional training, and play, but she isn't done her treatment yet so she can't go to the dog park for real good exercise. Hoping any issues she develops before that time can be erased by daily morning park trips once she's well. Zorro is awesome and mellow, and I've always assumed that's because I tire him out 5-7 mornings a week.
She may be stressed from being in a new home and so is super active. I had lots of issues with Mattie when I first adopted her and now I realize that it was all due to stress. Is Lily crate trained? Crates are great for when a pup is stressed or obsessed with something. A "Time Out" in the crate will help her settle, not as punishment, just as a way to refocus.
If you don't want her watching out the window all day/night it will be easier to break it sooner than later. Close the blinds/shades and only open them for a short time but mix it up different times of the day if possible. 

Try to get her away from the window as much as possible before it becomes an OCD type of issue.

She spent the last 3 months, AT LEAST, in a crate. I never used a crate before, but bought one for just this purpose two days ago. Tried a time out for her yesterday when she was being too much for my other dog. There was a lot of whining but she came out better. I'll read up more on the use of the crate.
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