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I am Flash. Im a border collie cross(part huntaway) but dont judge me for that. I like to play with balls and roll around in fields. Im a little nuts at times but on the whole im a very well behaved pup who just likes to play and show how good i am.
Flash you look and sound like my type of dog❤️
Hi and welcome Flash. You sound like a lot of fun.
Welcome-group Flash sounds like a handsome handful of trouble! Tongue
Flash is an extrememly social pup. Wants to make friends at everyone. But from what i have read all working breeds they are all chèeky troublemakers. He is no different. The huntaway in him make him want to just run. Good thing we have a good recall for his age. But the selective hearing is worse than my teenagers lol
Nice to meet ya, handsome pup! He's precious! And he definitely looks cheeky enough to be a lovable trouble maker LOL! Welcome to the boards Smile
Hello and Welcome. What a happy face !!!
Welcome!! I really look forwards to hearing about the adventures of Flash.
Hello there! I am newbie here and i love dog .