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Full Version: Shy Pup Is Really Coming Out of Her Shell
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Ember has never handled change well. She couldn't be in the same room with new things on the floor for a really long time. And now, people are moving, both myself and my roommate brother. There are boxes and changed room layouts as the bigger, less used things go away. Yesterday there were 5 people here moving most of Daniel's stuff out of his bedroom and our living room.

And there was my dog, "helping" under foot. Checking out everything getting handled, trying to get people's attention with that cute little "Wave" she does, rubbing up against legs when people took a break.

And then they unearthed this little gem, and she literally carried it around all night. Who is this dog who wouldn't touch toys in the calmest, most stable part of our lives?!

[Image: 18278133_10213156775100952_1023916040125...e=598CD45A]

[Image: 18278615_10213156775140953_3951291377244...e=598D05A2]
Yahoo What a brave girl she is!
That is awesome. Ever wonder where she will be in a year from now?  Wink
While Jolie' was at da vet getting "fixed" we tore our small den apart moved all furniture around kinda rearranged every thing and gave it a thorough cleaning. In the process we found 3 lost balls that had rolled under low furniture and several chewies. When Jolie got home still stoned from the meds she looked around and flopped down with one of the rediscovered chewies and zonked out. We still have some of the pain meds thinking about using them next time we rearange stuff.
Fantastic, Ember has evolved into quite the social butterfly it would seem. All your hard work paying off, well done !
Yay!! What a wonderful brave puppy!!
That is wonderful! And that first photo is so cute!
She still amazes me. She's even started barking at neighbors while on walks (warning when they make her uncomfortable). I'm going to start working this out soon but right now it's an assertiveness she's never had. It's all these little things at once that make me happy!
So here we are sitting in Charleston. I've spent the entire day out with my parents, house hunting for myself and helping pick out things for renovations for their new home. Came home to walk the dog, feed her, and run out again (mom didn't even get out of the car).

I come home and Ember basically tackles me. All of her toys have changed positions, and I have tossed the tennis ball for her three or four times now (I have to go hunt her down to get it back to try again but she keeps going lol).

It has only been in the past three months that she quit skipping meals while here in Charleston. Change of scenery usually undoes her. And now, here she is playing as hard as she plays at home, which she didn't even do there until just a couple of weeks ago.
It is quite amazing isn't it. All the work you have done with her confidence and choices but what I think perhaps binds it together might be the level of trust she has achieved with you on so many levels. I think she is going to continue to amaze us all.
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