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Full Version: Liver Jerky Treats
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"Stolen" from  - thank you for this gem! This one is more time intensive than Liver Training Treats, but it is of higher value in our family.

Packet of Calf/Beef Liver

Boil the liver until a brown color all the way through (Takes about half an hour for me).

Place the boiled liver on a baking sheet and score it into the size pieces you want to use in training (very tiny for us! just a taste is enough). You don't have to cut it all the way through - just enough to be able to break it after it hardens.

Set oven to Warm and put the Liver in. Let it sit for several hours until desired texture. I usually go about four hours and that gives us a tough outside with a slightly chewy inside. You can also flip over halfway through, but I don't. It's just softer on bottom (and for me that makes it easier to tear apart after the top gets harder).
I just made another batch the other day and shared my recipe with another dog lover friend. These treats have gotten me out of soooooo many tough spots that I can't even begin to tell you.