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Full Version: Dog Behavior
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I found this post via Facebook. There are several good videos in it. I'll pull the videos out and out them here as well for ease, but here is the article for full disclosure. Very very educational!

Time: 5:56

Time: 4:15

Time: 9:06

Time: 17:22

I don't have time to watch this right now, but it does look to be quite interesting. As soon as I can, I'll be checking these out. 

Thanks Ember!
Those were great! I found the first one soooo hard to watch. I wanted to scream at the people, snatch up the dog, or turn and run away. Hard to do when sitting on the couch.
Videos like this of other dogs as well as of Ember have helped me immensely. I took Ember to see our behaviorist today to get an evaluation on her attitude to other dogs while out walking, and of course got a completely disinterested dog that just wanted to leave (always with her). But Debbie and I talked and I was able to call out everything she was telling me. We only stayed for about 15 minutes but it was enough time to be encouraged on my ability to read my dog as well as to learn that we still have very major confinement issues that are feeding into everything - most definitely including attitude to dogs while out and about.

It felt really good to hear Debbie say "I'm proud of you" lol. I'm more like my dog than I care to admit - just a little food and praise to tell me I've done well is all I need Tongue