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Might be a dumb question. How does phenobarbital end up in pet food?
That question has been asked before because it was found in another food just recently. 

One can only guess.
My one simple thought is this - if it was made back in 2015 and it is being fed today, it's not healthy for any living thing (preservatives alone).

I say that as I stock up on Instinct Valley canned food. But still.
Wow that is absolutely scary ! Could such a thing be due to euthanised animals being used in the food ?
This was another one.

Penobarbital is a drug that’s used in animal euthanasia and should not be found in pet food. The drug’s presence in these products as detected by the FDA renders them adulterated.

None of it makes sense.  
Several of the comments were talking about the possibility of horse meat being used where the horse was euthanized, but I'm not sure about the truth of that.
I do know that horse meat gets used in dog food here in Australia so I imagine we are not the only country that does it. As you enter the city from the north there were holding paddocks beside the river always with 20-30 horses. It was the saddest sight as these horses were old and/or unwell, and destined for the slaughter house. There are people who's livelihood is to collect such horses and I guess wherever money is involved there is the risk of unscrupulous practices.
On the subject of phenobarbital- I once had an old lady living on a neighbouring property with her old cattle dog. One day I got a panicky call from her, old Ned was unconscious on the front verandah. I drove up and took him to the vet who was perplexed as to what was going on with him until they noticed a smell on his breath, it was the smell of phenobarbital. They administered meds to reverse the drug. It turned out that another neighbour had hit a small kangaroo on the road and had taken it to the vet where sadly it had to be euthanised. She brought it home and buried it on her property but didn't bury it deep enough. Old Ned had sniffed it out, dug it up and eaten some of it.