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Full Version: Took Ember to a "Human Park" Today...
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First time I've ever gotten her up on a picnic table!
[Image: IMG_0488-e1489961756647.jpg]

We've also been working on handling. Not "overly" impressed but a great shot none the less!
[Image: IMG_0499-e1489961817702.jpg]

".... you called?"
[Image: IMG_0501.jpg]

[Image: IMG_0512-e1489961984226.jpg]

"WHAT?! One good one wasn't enough?!?!?!"
[Image: IMG_0508-e1489961928554.jpg]

"Oh please, do go on..."
[Image: IMG_0520.jpg]

"What. A. Day."
[Image: IMG_0522-e1489962059981.jpg]

"Indeed, it was a good one." (I love that smile!)
[Image: IMG_0523.jpg]
Lovely photos! Snoopy I really like the second one and the "oh please do go on" one. Looks like you both had a great time! Big Grin
Wow, Ember looks so calm and relaxed. It looks like it was a fun filled day. Great photos.
She did really well! I love that I could get her up on the picnic table! However, she would NOT get up on the playground equipment stairs even though they were low and wide enough for two people to sit on - I think it was the holes in it that let mulch fall through that did her in there.

I have some new all time faves from this batch too. And not bad for an iPhone LOL!
Great photos!
Love them! And her smile on the last one is wonderful, one happy, tired dog Smile
I love how happy she looks. Such a sweet girl!