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Full Version: Hello everyone from Skye and Bella
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So this is skye and Bella, as you can see Bella is much smaller as she was the runt of the litter, rapidly growing and putting on weight though. Such good and happy pups.
Hi and Welcome-group Beautiful pups!
Action-smiley-030 Welcome to ABC. Cute pups.
Hi and welcome
Hello and Welcome, lovely pups.
Thank you all !
Too cute
I think there should be warnings on cute puppy pics, to give us broody guys heads up, lol
What said LOL! Beautiful pups!
Haha, thank you! They are major distractions when im trying to do stuff ha, only had them 3 days and alreqdy learning re-call and mainly doing the business outside!
Hi and welcome!!!
Quirkydog is right! Almost to cute to handle these puppy pics Frantic
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