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Post your recipes for treats, kong stuffing or any goodies you make for your dogs.
This thread is a good idea. Thumbsup It will be interesting to see what comes up.

I like to stuff kongs with peanut butter, plain greek yogurt, bananas, blueberries, and sometimes a little cookie. I generally start with a spoonful of peanut butter and a spoonful of yogurt then I add the blueberries (10 or so) then I stick a piece of banana in at the end as a plug. I then stick it in the freezer and let freeze. I'll give it to him at the end of a walk if I make it. Sometimes I put coconut in it too.
Susie will toss a couple treats in the kongs and then top it with low fat peanut butter. Then toss them in the freezer overnight. The kids love them! /snoopy
I put a few Natural chewy dog treats in the Kong then some peanut butter then add a natural type of meaty stick treat put the Kong in the freezer over night then give it to the your dogs the next day I learned this from the Animal Shelter I volunteer at !
Something I was just introduced to within the last week:

Squeeze Food Tube for training (the kind used for camping, like peanut butter squeeze bottles or in my case, a 97 cent travel lotion squeeze bottle from Walmart).

Mix together whatever ingredients your dog likes. I have 2 versions right now, and Ember is nuts for both:

Raw Meat filling
- 2 kinds of raw meat kibble (pre-made raw dinner, this time it was lamb and chicken)
- 2 bone broth ice cubes melted down
- blueberries (I'm sneaky, she hates them)

Blend to a pulp and fit it the best you can into the squeeze bottle. I had to disinfect several surfaces afterwards, and I added a little water to mine to make it more liquid for easy pouring - but then regretted it on serving (squeezed it almost up her nose one time, poor dear).

Not so nasty meaty filling
Baby food!
- chicken baby food
- turkey baby food
- beef baby food
- any fruits/veggies baby food (again, I'm sneaky)

Mix until well joined and blend if necessary, fill bottle. Note: this mixture can also be stored in a jar instead and served via fingertip.

Serving it:
I hold it upright and squeeze so it comes out the top and let Ember lick it up. It took her a few attempts to get used to having the pop cap but she quickly figured out that it wasn't scary and was actually well worth sticking her face in.