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Full Version: Eating solution may have been found.
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For three days I have fed Ember BEFORE walking her.

She hasn't missed a meal.


I think walks are too overstimulating. In the morning I would only take her to the end of the building and back, but apparently that was enough.
/bacon That's great news. /bacon
I was afraid to change her routine because she is very dependent on it. It was almost like she said "It's about TIME Mom, Sheesh!!!"
Well, I thought it was sorted. We are now on day 3 with no food (and because of that I have also stopped training). I think she is simply not burning it off, but i'm not sure. She's pooping fine and drinking water, but today her stomach was growling so loud I could hear it from all over the living room. If she doesn't eat anything tomorrow, I may be taking her to the vet.

She won't even acknowledge the bowl, like it's not even there. She's not sniffing it, not eyeing it. She's not even posturing over the water bowl anymore. In fact, when I poured the kibble today, she up and left the room - both meals.

Her attitude is fine and even a little peppy - almost bored. I tried tossing cheese on the floor and she looked at me like I had yelled at her, and only ate two nibbles and left the rest. I'm not going to the chicken - I'm not getting played this time!

I don't fuss over the bowl or try to coax her to it. I make sure she sees me put it down then I walk off for ten minutes. I've tried being in the room and leaving it. It's the same reaction either way.
If you do decide to go to the vet think about taking a stool and urine sample.
She ate her entire breakfast in less than 5 minutes.


I keep thinking I'm getting used to her don't-care-to-eat demeanor, but she keeps catching me off guard with these spurts. I'm not sure if it's soemthing worth checking out, waiting out, or working on any more.

I still think chicken is the culprit as the last time she ate I was doing some attention training outside. I was proud of myself - I made half a breast last for over 5 walks (almost 3 days). I don't know if she's waiting for me to give her more or if it is hurting her tummy when she does get it.

The Natures Balance roll is not as much of a fun thing anymore for her - she doesn't like it the same way. I'm thinking of just trying one of the more pastier canned food, but I don't like the idea of handling it. I'll take suggestions!
I use calf liver for mine. I can cut it into little pieces and after cooking it isn't messy to handle.

BTW, Gideon was a picky pup and often skipped meals. When I got Micah and he had all kinds of intestinal issues, I read about rotational diets being the cure for stomach issues, so I started feeding a rotation of different foods. Gideon started eating regularly and hasn't skipped a meal since. That was 4 year ago. Think about it. What food would you be ok with eating day in and day out long term, maybe for life? Personally, I don't find anything odd or bad about a dog wanting variety in its diet. I think it is far healthier. There is no dog food company that I trust to have created the perfect food, so if I know a food is not perfect, why would I want to feed it long term.
Holly would often skip meals or not finish them, I did as above and ever since she has been fine. We have 4 brands of wet on the go, and 7 different flavours. One flavour of dry food which will be changed after it is finished, I buy 6.8kg bags.
Maybe she does not like her bowl?, is it a metal one?.
Have you tried using her kibble for training, in the morning both of mine train for breakfast, they love it!. They don't do it everyday, just mix it up and keep them guessing how they are getting food. Or you could use a treat ball.
Does she like kibble then?. Have you tried her with wet or raw?.
Ted was not a fan of kibble when we got him, but then I started training him with it and these days he eats most brands and flavours.
The goal is to get her to eat kibble for treats, but this is a no-go. She spits them out and if I offer too many in a row she walks off disappointed.

I have her on Blue Wilderness right now, on what I call the "Cat Bags" (the smaller $22 option that will feed her for about 3-4 weeks - I call it a cat bag because it's the same size that I get Anya for her food). Every time a flavor runs out, I grab a different one. Part of her protests start on this change, sometimes - other times, she dives in like nothing's different. We've tried Chicken, Red Meat, Rabbit, and now Bison. It seems to be all the same to her.

I really want her to have a variety of diet but just switching flavors of the same brand can occassionally stress her out. We have tried some "raw" things mixed with the kibble but she's not adventurous and hates trying new things unless it's some form of meat. We've tried many different raw fruits, veggies, and yogurt, as well as cooked (unseasoned) meat and cooked eggs. Most of these things she either eats around, walks off from, OR eats all the extra stuff and leaves the kibble (which I will find scattered across the floor where she was picking it out and/or sucking it dry then spitting it out).

She has only ever skipped 1 wet food meal, and that particular day she was REALLY screwed up mentally, so I didn't expect her to go for it anyway. However, living in a place where I have to clean up her poop, I don't want to enforce runny junk I have to pick out of pine straw. Also, I am still trying to determine if she's trying to pull the "entitlement" string where she thinks if she doesn't like the plain kibble, she doesn't have to eat it and I'll give her good stuff later anyway. It really feels that way.
So tonight I am trying to switch things up and feed her the straight Natural Balance roll as treats in her brain games. She started one, ate all 4 small pieces out of one pocket of a game, and is now curled up extremely dejected on the couch and won't touch anything else.

I cut up about an inch of the large roll and have it under things in the living room. But she's just laying her licking her lips and staring at all the things on the floor.

Having that all typed out sounds like the things on the floor stress her out, but we've played this game many times with real chicken and she loves it.

This is supposed to be her dinner, so I'm leaving it down for 10 minutes and picking it all back up again. I guess I'll have to try a different flavor roll.

This pup is draining my pockets when it comes to food. I've tried so many different things to find something that she will both eat happily/regularly and work for.
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