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Full Version: Border collie needing good home milton keynes
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I have a 16 month old male border collie who's in need of a good home. He's been a family pet but unfortunately has decided he doesn't like children.

He is a lively boy who needs lots of time and attention, he just likes to run outside and cuddle inside.

He's a gorgeous medium/long coated black and white with traditional markings. He's up to date with his vaccines till December.

It's a reluctant rehome but I feel it's for the best for him and us.

He might be ok with teenagers but definitely not younger children.



He looks gorgeous! I wish I lived closer. Thank you for trying to find a home for him here. Hopefully someone will respond /snoopy
In what state are you located?
This is a post from 2014.
(03-16-2017, 04:26 PM)only-borders Wrote: [ -> ]This is a post from 2014.

And from UK. I must admit I sat up and took notice. I wonder how it went.