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  Dog Sports -
Agility  |  Flyball  |  Frisbee/Disc
Border Collies in Dog Sports
Dog Agility is a sport in which a handler directs their dog through an obstacle course, competing for accuracy and speed. The sport is huge around the World and increasing in popularity. It's a great way to exercise the dog's body and mind, as well as the handler!
Flyball is a relay race over jumps to fetch a ball and bring it back to the starting line as fast as possible. When one dog gets back to the starting line after retrieving the ball, the next of the four dog team races away and the fastest team wins. Flyball is a very fast paced sport and perfect for high energy Border Collies.
Frisbee/Disc Dog sports are a fun way to play with and exercise a dog. There are competitions for distance as well as Freestyle where the thrower and dog perform a routine consisting of various tricks, throws, and catches. It is very entertaining for both human and dog whether you're competing or just a spectator.

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