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  Border Collie Links -
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Border Collie Information -

bullet The Working Sheepdog Website: Border Collie Training - Information - Pictures & DVDs. - We recommend this site and their DVDs for great training advice. The DVDs are well made and highly enjoyable.
bullet All About Sheepdogs - All About Sheepdogs by Caroline Woolley - The UK's resource for sheep dog breeding, sheepdog training and sheepdog resources.
bullet All About Border Collies - Presented by the USBCC. Lots of detailed information on the breed.
bullet Border Collie Rescue - Border Collie Rescue Forums.
bullet Collie Corner - A great gallery of Border Collies of all the various colors. This is the biggest gallery of Border Collie photos I've seen.
bullet The Border Collie Museum - An online museum dedicated to the shepherd's dog, its history, culture, and lore through the eyes of artists, writers, poets, and historians; and to the shepherds that used their herding dogs to bring the flocks safely down from the hills.
bullet Anadune - The Anadune Border Collie Database contains information on all forms of competition including show, obedience and agility. The database is intended to be an aid to all breeders and owners of Border Collies.
bullet Border Collie Colors - A site about the coat color genetics of the border collie breed.

Border Collie Organizations and Publications -

bullet International Sheep Dog Society - World Trials and events information, news and online shop for all aspects of sheep dog, border collie and other breeds.
bullet American Border Collie Association  - Member-owned registry for the breed with objectives, bylaws, membership details, FAQ, organizational contacts, breed information, and event schedules and results.

Training and Trainers -

bullet Performance Dogs in Action - Pleasant Grove, CA USA

Dog Sports -

bullet - The official website of the premier sport for active Dock-Diving dogs. Join our growing community, participate in one of our nationwide events, join a local Affiliate Club and shop at our exclusive online store.

Personal Sites and Blogs -

bullet THE ART OF LOUNGING by Bria (the dog) - Blog
bullet Mick & Lance - Border Collies - Blog
bullet Phantom Ridge Border Collies - Blog
bullet Full Tilt Border Collies Blog

General Dog Related Sites -

bullet R.E.D. (Rescue Every Dog) - A support group for shelter workers and exceptional animals in need in public animal shelters.
bullet Pet Portraits by Pet Artist Dale Lewis - This site displays samples of the highest quality, commissioned pet art portraits, dog art and cat art, personal "people" art, and Western art portraits. No deposit or pre-payment required.



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