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  Border Collie History -
History of the Border Collie
The Border Collie originated in the border country between Scotland and England. The earliest reference to the working sheepdog is from the 1500ís in John Caiusís book, De Canibus Britannicus (Treatise on Englishe Dogges). While farmers were using dogs to work their livestock for hundreds of years, the Border Collie as we know it today can most notably date back to 1893 with Adam Telferís dog, Old Hemp, who was undefeated at trials and sired more than 200 dogs, and an unknown number of bitches. Old Hemp was a model of the breed and, because of his extensive breeding, a large number of good working dogs today can be traced back to him.

This page is currently being rewritten. Please check back soon for a more comprehensive history of the Border Collie breed.


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